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  • Its design is kind of futuristic, looking more like some device from a sci-fi movie than like a car dash cam. This allows it to fit nicely behind your rearview mirror and still be completely accessible to the driver.
  • The camera has motion detection capability, which is well above this price and camera class. It is not seen often in it.
  • The lens itself has a 170° wide viewing angle, but the more important thing is that it is positioned so that it can rotate for 360°, without the actual camera being moved. This is another perk of its ingenious design.
  • It uses the Novatek NT96650 exclusive chipset. This processor is well established as beign very high quality and many manufacturers use it.

Have you ever had a car accident or a traffic problem and wished you could have the whole thing recorded so you can prove you were the one who is right? Well, with UVIA C10S dashboard camera you’ll have that and more. It’s a very nice, high quality dash cam that is a good choice for people who want high quality and safety.

Specifications of the UVIA C10S Dashboard Camera:

UVIA C10S ReviewThe standard purchase contains the cam recorder, a black cigarette lighter charger with an integrated non-removable mini USB cable, a white USB cigarette lighter charger, mini USB cable, things to help tuck the cables away and the manual.

The purchase does not include the additional SD memory card, that could rise it’s pricing even more if you decide to purchase it. The recordings, depending on the quality and will take up different amounts of space in the camera hard drive, but we think that additional memory card is not mandatory.

The product has some great feedback all over the web. People are mostly impressed with its kind of futuristic design and looks, with a 360° rotating main head, with a 170° angle lens. The design of the camera allows you to tuck it away behind your rear view mirror but still have the controls accessible and the screen visible. This way the camera isn’t a thorn in your eye and it does not reduce your wind shield visibility in any way. You can move the camera in all directions that further allows you to position it anyway as you’d like. For this feature, the camera has gotten the adverb stealthy.

One of the best ways to install it (this naturally depends of your car) is to mount it behind your rear view mirror, and then run the cable along the side of your console, under the glove box, tight beside the pillar, and tucked under the head liner. This is just one of the many examples.

The camera has a good night vision, with automatic adaptation systems for different lighting. It captures clear images even if there is no light present what so ever. G-Sensor feature is, like with the other car cameras, there to protect the recording in the unfortunate event of an impact. As soon as the impact is detected, the current recording is stored and protected, and will not be overwritten in the case where the camera overwrites the old footage once it runs out of memory space. This also happens in the case of a sudden braking, rapid acceleration or even sharp cornering.

The cam also has a low power consumption rate. It uses Novatek NT96650 Chipset and the Aptina AR0330 lens.It also has a very high heat resistance.


The video recording is very clear and looks pretty high standard. High definition quality makes it look really impressive. The recommended resolution is 720p for lower memory space usage, but it can also record a 1080p quality. The sound quality is equally good. At 1080p with sound, the recording uses up roughly 1 GB for 10 minutes of footage.

In the transition between the clips, the camera is repeating maybe only half a second of the previous clip, which is really good. This ensures that nothing is missed on the clip transition. Some cameras loose a bit of time on these transitions, but this camera has a good method for that.
Its high frame rate (30 FPS) and good resolution capture very small details, such as license plate numbers at 20 feet away. In the event of an unfortunate accident, you can be sure that the footage will be more than enough to show what happened in great detail.
The largest clips the camera can record are 5 minute ones.

It also possesses many fun small features, such as the Fatigue notification, where the cam will notify you when you’ve been driving too long and need to stop for a coffee. It will do this by flashing a hot cup of coffee symbol on its screen.

Quick Recap:

  • Full HD 1080p video quality
  • 2.0 inch screen
  • Novatek NT96650 Chipset
  • 170 degree wide angle
  • G-Sensor
  • Night Vision
  • GPS module
  • Stealthy
  • 360 degree rotating capability of the head
  • 30 FPS (or 60 FPS at 720p)
  • WDR technology
  • Auto ON and OFF mechanism
  • On-spot Playback
  • AR0330 6G lens
  • Low power consumption
  • Smooth image processing

The UVIA C10S dashboard camera is quite impressive in its design and picture quality, but some other flaws cannot be overlooked.

Thank you for reading and as always we will be back soon with some more reviews for you. Stay save and drive carefully!

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