Toguard Super HD 1296P Review

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  • It operates on the famous Ambarella A7 chipset that is something all manufacturers go if they want a reliable and high tech built in their products.
  • The cam has the ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) which is in all honesty extremely rare in this class range. The ADAS consists of LDWS (lane departure warning system) and the FCWS (forward collision warning system). Both perks speak for themselves.
  • The camera even surpasses its class with its 1296p resolution capability and a nice low light vision recording quality.
  • The cam has 8GB of internal memory, which is probably not enough if you will be using its highest video quality setting, so you will probably have to purchase an additional memory card. You can go up to 64GB.

Toguard Super HD 1296P ReviewFirst of all, having a dash cam is very important for any car owner and we highly recommend it. You will have a 24 hour private surveillance of your car and a video recording of any incidents that might happen to your car, or near them. There are also many special, bonus features that are also very useful.

Let’s check out what Toguard Super HD 1296P dash cam has in store!

Product specifications:

Purchasing this item, you will get (package contents): One HD car DVR, one car cigarette charger, one GPS mount; a USB cable, one user manual, a lens cleaning cloth, CPL filter, and a 3M sticker.
The cables are standard. The charge cable is lengthy, and the micro USB is just about enough.

It has an easy way of mounting. In fact, it’s mini, compact body will save a lot of room and potential trouble, concerning positioning and vision. Also, the ways that its screen is placed is genius! The camera has only three buttons next to the screen, and the rotating can be a bit tricky because of the whole round shape. You can’t really feel the movement and position, as well as you can with the other more classical designs, and the small screen is not helping.

This car dash cam possesses a very advanced technology level. It is ranked as #1 of the best car dash cams Toguard has to offer. Its processor is Ambrela A7LA50. It has advanced H.264 video compression code. Video quality is SUPER HD, at 2304x1296p. In the highest resolution you can clearly see even the smallest of details while driving, like some small letters, signs, license plates, etc…

It takes pictures of 13 mega pixels quality (4800*2700), using a 130 ° lens that covers a wide angle pretty good. The camera itself can rotate for 120°. Video output is HDMI, and the screen is 1.5’’ TFT 16:9.

You’ll notice right away, the screen is a bit small, in fact it’s much smaller than most cameras because of its design. It is very cleverly placed in the camera, and looks really neat, but the camera body itself doesn’t leave much room, so the screen is about 50% the size of an average screen on similar products.

While some other, similar cameras that are even cheaper have 3’’ screen, this one has, as we’ve stated, only 1.5’’. The screen is not the most important part of a car dash cam, of course, but it is not the least important either.

The camera has 8 GB of storage space, which is good, but you can purchase an additional SD micro card for up to 64GB storage. That’s quite a lot. Even with this enhanced resolution and picture quality, that’s still impressive.

The camera has a WDR (wide dynamic range) and an excellent low light and night vision. It can work on 30, 45 and 60 fps, 30 for reduced details but also more recording space, and 60 for enhanced details but more cumbersome clips.

The resolution choices are:

  • 2560*1080 (30fps)
  • 2304*1296 (30fps)
  • 1920*1080 (45fps)
  • 1920*1080 (30fps)
  • 1280*720 (60fps)
  • 1280*720(30fps)

You can enter up to nine license plate characters/numbers.

The battery is quite high quality, and for audio there is a build-in microphone and speaker.

There is an AV-Out port for NTSC and PAL formats, and a micro USB 2.0 port (cable included).

The really great and rare feature this cam’s got is the LDWS or Lane Departure Warning System, as well as the route tracking via GPS. These two features are really advanced driver assistance systems and are quite valuable. GPS records speed, date and time.

All other standard features are covered. Loop recording of course. The camera, when at full space capacity, overwrites the oldest files, provided they are not G-Sensor protected.
G-sensor detects impacts and protects the recordings of that event by preventing overwriting.

It has motion detection that detects anyone moving in the close proximity of your car and starts to record, even if the car is turned off, providing the camera is plugged in of course. The cam can record on its own, without power, for about 10-20 minutes. It also has the forward collision warning.

Let’s recap:

This is a really advanced peace of technology. It’s small, round, compact design is both its virtue and its flaw. We feel that it all would be very balanced if not for the price. But the Tougard Super HD 1296p does have its advantages, and those advantages are apparently what that extra money is for.

It all goes up to you. Either you decide that GPS, LDWS and super high resolution are worth the money, or you stick with the standard, budget versions or similar cameras.

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