Stoga S300 1080P Review

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  • The fact that this cam can be used as both front and rear only increases our overall impression. The lens mechanism allows it to rotate freely back and forth, for 180°, allowing you to switch between front and rear views manually.
  • The front camera serves its purpose quite nicely, with its 170° viewing angle that can almost capture both sides of your vehicle entirely.
  • If you face the lens backwards, the cam serves as a rear view cam, but also for monitoring your car’s insides. The popular term for this is “taxi cam”.
  • The true beauty of its design though has got to be in the way its display screen and buttons are organized. The whole thing almost feels like a high tech gadget of some sort.

Stoga S300 1080P ReviewToday we have a Stoga S300 1080P dash cam review for you. This camera looks really impressive and advanced.

Most of the cameras in this class have a classic photo cam design, but a few can boast with such a technically advanced design. This is not the only advantage Stoga S300 has over its competition, so let’s delve into the specifications a bit deeper.

Specification that stand out:

  • Futuristic design
  • Main front camera and the additional rear-view camera
  • Li-polymer 3.7v 110mah battery
  • Advanced ventilation system and overheating protection
  • Novateck NT96650BG hardware
  • Samsung 4EC sensor

Stoga may not be the most famous camera brand, but they sure are trying their best to capture everyone’s attention, especially with this model. It has been one of the top rated cameras on many of the online retailers and shopping websites.

Is that due to its standout design, or does this cam have something else that separates it from the rest?

The package contains the usual stuff, there’s the cam, the second rear-view camera, the car cigarette socket cable which is quite long cable, vehicle suction cup bracket mount, micro USB cable (long), and the user manual.

The camera and all of the components are in black, very neatly packed and designed.

The cam itself is definitely impressive to look at. It looks as if it came out of a futuristic movie.

The body is shaped kind of like a hand held gaming console, the buttons are set in a way that makes it easy to handle and use them. The camera’s lens can be rotated back and forth (180°), so that you can instantly and easily change its position from recording front, through the wind shield, to recording inside the vehicle if necessary. This is done without the actual need to rotate the whole camera. The lens can also be turned slightly left or right if necessary.

The F2.4 high quality 6 glass lens has 1 additional infra-red filter lens, and is designed to keep from fogging up due to extreme temperature differences in the car and the outside, keeping the image sharp and clear.

The viewing angle is 170°, which is also impressive.

On its back side and on both sides of the lens are two cooling vents very neatly designed and useful. Because of this venting system, the camera can withstand much more extreme temperatures and sunlight in your wind shield, with continuous working.

The large 2,7inch display screen is directly above the lens, proving that they knew what they were doing when making this cam. With this intricate design, one would expect that the screen was smaller for compact reasons, but this is really great.

Ports for the micro SD memory card, microphone/speaker, charger cable, micro USB, GPS, and AV out are on the sides.

The buttons are on the side are positioned so that when you hold the camera in your hands, you use your thumbs to operate it. This could be a drawback, however, because you most likely need both hands when changing any options, so driving and operating it is out of the question.

The mount is easily installed and it comes with an additional reserve sticker. If you place your back rearview camera in the back wind shield, it gets power via the micro USB to micro USB cable that is connected to the front, main camera. So, it gets power through the front cam, which is of course powered from the cigarette lighter socket charger. The mini camera is mounted using the a sticker.

The only potential positioning problem could be that the cameras don’t have much left/right mobility, so you need to position them just right.

The power cable is long enough so that it can reach around anywhere you like it and you can hide it in a number of ways, there is plenty cables to go around your dashboard.

The USB cable powering the second rear-view camera can be hidden by pulling it over the car sunlight blocker, then through the knobs above your doors that assist in passenger stability. It should be just long enough.

With these two camera units, you have a non-stop protection from both front and rear, which is really nice and useful, and rarely seen.

The camera has a superior night vision image and WDR (wide dynamic range) video system that gives you lots of clear details even when recording at night.

Both daytime and night time videos have their highest resolution options at 1920x1080p at 30fps (frames per second). The back camera has a slightly weaker resolution, of 720p, which is still HD and the video still looks great, it also had a slightly smaller viewing angle.

The still picture quality is 12 mega pixels and is formatted in JPEG. The video format is rendered as .MOV.

The footage from both front and back cameras is displayed simultaneously on your display screen. You can change this if you want, but the default option is the “picture in picture” style.

The saved loops are stored as A and B, A being files from the front dash camera and B from loops recorded using the rear camera.

You can get up to a 32GB micro SD card.

The camera itself is really easy to use. The menu is pretty straightforward and is easy to understand.

The recording is done in loops, as with most of these devices. You can set the loop length in the options.

Loop recording will overwrite your old recordings so you don’t need to keep changing your SD card once it’s full.

The camera has a G-sensor that detects impacts and sudden shifts in car positioning or speed, and locks the current loop image from being overwritten.

This can also be done with the emergency lock button that does this by your command.


The camera is really nice. You really have the feeling you are using a high tech gadget and that you are protected. The front cam picture is crystal clear and impressive. Almost absolutely no rocking occurs. You can make out the license plates of other cars and street signs really easily, even from the night time recordings.

The additional cables in your car, due to the second rear-view camera, can be a bit of a interior style problem but hiding them shouldn’t be a problem as the cables are quite long and can be tucked away neatly.

The size of the main camera unit is a bit large and potentially can throw you off.

The camera can withstand very high temperatures due to it’s vent system, and the battery life is quite long.



The Stoga S300 1080P is very appealing, mainly because you are covered from both front and back side. If you are looking for this kind of protection, than this cam is no doubt a good choice for you.

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