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  • Dual cameras, which means two points of view. You can use them by default, or you can position them as you wish, especially the rear one. Being small, compact, and separate from the main cam gives it a lot more versatility.
  • Both lenses have a very strong night vision capability. This paired with their chipsets that are all high quality (Novatek 96663 and dual SONY 322) propels this model well above its competition.
  • The design of the front camera is not that sleek and pretty, in our opinion anyway. It looks like a plain camera, but the shape of it and the decorations somehow seem too much. This definitely doesn’t affect its performance, merely its capability to blend in your car’s interior.
  • Unlike the average cams that can support up to 32 or 64  GB memory cards, this model can take up to a 128 GB SD memory card.

Stoga M9s ReviewThe Stoga M9s comes with two cameras, front and rear, and gives you the option of recording and being protected from both sides of your car. It also has some impressive features, so let’s delve in and explore it all.

Stoga is a manufacturer with a strong presence on the market, always having some stand out design or features, or prices. This model, however, doesn’t boast with unique design, but has some outstanding features.

Stand out specifications:

  • Two cameras, front and rear
  • Novatek 96663 and dual SONY 322 chip set
  • 3.0 inch screen
  • 170° view angle
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card
  • Classic but sleek design
  • FCW (forward collision warning)
  • LDWS (lane departure warning system)
  • Motion sensor

These two cameras, as most of the cameras out there, comes in a package with a car cigarette socket power cord, a suction cup mounting bracket, and a user’s manual.

The main camera is in nice silver colour, with a sleek design. It does have a classic look, like a regular photo camera, but is tweaked and even flashy.

The front side has an f=1, 8/f=3.0mm 6 glass lens, responsible for the 170° viewing angle that allows the recording to capture both sides of the road. It also has a highly delicate sensor and speaker/microphone.

The back side is entirely taken up by the 3.0 inch TFT LCD display screen that has a 16:9ratio, which is really impressive. Most of the cameras are around 2 inches, some even less, while this model really does give you a nice overview of the recordings and options.

The rest of the ports are on the top or left side of the unit.

The buttons are on the bottom side, along with the USB and memory card ports. Now, the buttons are a bit shady at best. They are small, hard to press, and do not inspire confidence. They do not seem as durable as the rest of the camera.

The power cable from the rear camera goes directly into the front one. IT gets its power that way. It is best depending on the place you install it, to run the power cable all the way across your car’s interior roof. Another way is to run that cable through the hand knobs above the doors and to press it with your car’s Sun visor, but this option is sloppy and should be your last choice.
The main power cable goes from your main camera to your cigarette socket, and it is lengthy enough so that you can run it all the way around your wind shield and dashboard to your cigarette socket.

The main unit is best mounted directly behind your rear view mirror, by sticking the suction cup mounting bracket to your wind shield.

The rear camera has a cylindrical shape and it has a sticker to mount it with. Just stick in to your rear wind shield, or anywhere you see fit, and rotate it to the desired field of view.  The rear cam can rotate 360° since the lens in on the site of the cylinder, but that’s only in one axis. The other one will be limited to its 140° viewing angle, which is enough to cover your rear side by any standards.

The hardware is pretty advanced on this unit. The chip set is composed out of high tech Novatek 9663 and dual SONY IMX322. This is pretty impressive and rarely seen.

The cam also has a WDR (wide dynamic range) and infra red light.

The resolution is real full HD 1920x1080p (30 fps), which is pretty standard, we did expect maybe more, but it’s the video processing that is emphasized here. 1080p video recording is flawless when processed correctly, even at 30fps. The movie format is MOV H.264.

The photo quality is 12 mega pixels, JPEG format.

The options are pretty standard, like loop recording that allows you to set the length of the video loops.

This feature means that all of your footage is divided into loops, and after your card is filled with data, the system will automatically overwrite the oldest loop, and so on. This, however, will not happen if the loop is locked from being overwritten by some of the other features, like G-sensor or parking protection.

G-sensor is a pretty standard feature with these gadgets. It detects impacts, sudden shifts in the cars position of speed, and protects the current loop recording by locking it against being overwritten.

The motion sensor does the same thing, but it works when it detects motion near your car when it is parked. Even if the unit and the car are both turned off, the unit will turn on and make a recording, provided it has power. So always keep it plugged in.

The features that stand out are the FCWS, or the forward collision warning system, that detects and monitors cars in front of you and speeds of you both, and warns if a collision is eminent based on those facts. It warns you with a beep sound.

The same thing happens when you leave your lane. The lane departure warning system will also send you a signal.

GPS feature is what makes FCWS and LDWSW possible.

There are various other features to assist your driving, like fatigue warning, that calculates your resting checkpoints and when they should happen.

Other options you can utilize include: language option, date/time/ date time stamp, automatic turn on/off, video settings, etc…

The camera supports up to a 128GB micro SD memory card, but the standard and affordable 32GB option should be sufficient for most of your needs.

Thanks to its features though, this camera can be used in a number of different ways. Mainly as a security cam in your home or as a photo camera you can use to make videos and photos on a holiday. In that case you may need more storage space.

General performance and assessment:

The video quality is really impressive, better than most we’ve seen. The night or low light recordings are incredibly detailed and visible. You can easily make out the license plate numbers or street signs in the recordings, even when far away from your car.

Now, the lane departure and the forward collision warning systems are some pretty nice additions. Some camera manufacturers do not utilize these systems because they say that gadgets with too many options are like toys and are taking away the driver’s attention. On the other hand, we can’t see what’s wrong with hearing a beep every time you are in potential danger. WE figure this is all up to the driver and what he chooses.

The motion detection is not that common occurrence with these gadgets, so it is a definite plus.

All features accounted, this cam is performing impressively.

That concludes our review, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.


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