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  • The camera records in 1080p at 30 fps and in 720p with 60 fps. The lower resolution option may work even better in low light, than the higher 1080p.
  • The cam has all the basic stuff needed for this type of a gadget to work. Features like G-sensor and loop recording are naturally things no car cam can do without, but it also offers WDR (wide dynamic range) that is processing your recording in a way to make it much clearer and naturally looking.
  • The viewing angle is 150° which is quite sufficient for all basic needs drivers may ask for in this class range.
  • The buttons on the camera however do not inspire confidence. They are large and easily operated, but feel toy like and do not promise the cam to last more than what you pay for, though this statement could also be wrong.

SmarTure T200A ReviewToday we will be reviewing a SmarTure T200A car camera. This camera has a reputation for being a bargain compared to other dash cams, so let’s first go over all of its features and figure out exactly what qualities it possess.



  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean


  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Micro SD

Battery: 550mAh
Video Codec: H.264
Video Format: MOV
Audio: Built-in microphone/Speaker
Memory: Maximum 32 GB Micro SD card
Video Resolution:

  • 1920x1080p with 30fps
  • 1280x720p with 60fps

Display: 2.4’’ HD LCD screen
Pixels: 200 mp
Lens: 150° wide angle, 6 G Lens
WDR: Yes
Sensor: 2m CMOS
Night Vision: Yes
Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder
Chipset Manufacturer: Generalplus
Photo: 12m/JPEG

Basic Stuff:

The package is pretty standard. A small black card box, that can be closed again for keeping some stuff or cables you don’t need right away, which is always nice.
It contains one short manual, one power cable with a cigarette lighter socket plug, one short micro USB cable, a sticking cup for holding the camera and, of course, the camera itself.

It is pretty small, smaller than we are used to. Also, it has a flattened rectangular shape that you also don’t see very often.
The way it is installed on to its holder is also quite unique. It may allow the car owner to stick it to the car ceiling, or many other surfaces.

No flashy design, just a simple, black plastic camera.

The screen and the buttons are quite accessible, which is not always the case. We’ve had many instances where the buttons can’t be reached this easily.

The cigarette plug cable is average length. Enough to reach to the cigarette lighter socket easily, even if you try to hide it by going all the way around your dashboard.

The manual is pretty steep, but the options are not that complicated, so we guess it’s just as well.

Without the power cable plugged in, the camera can work about 10-20 minutes. All the standard options are there.

The resolution option: where you can go 1080p but with reduced frame rate (30) or you can go 720p but have more detail in your video recording.

Language options, auto power on/off, loop recorder, G-Sensor, WDR, Auto Backlight on/off, Motion Detection option, etc…

What makes this particular SmarTure T200A model interesting is the Parking Protection Mode. It detects impacts when you car is turned off, and even when the camera is off. It will immediately start recording. The same will happen if there are motions near your car, but that is a standard feature amongst these babies. G-Sensor is there as always, to protect those video loops that are recorded during a detected impact.


The SmarTure T200A performs quite well, and even though we were a little sceptic at start, even I got to admit it really is a very good choice for anyone.

The night vision is phenomenal. The parking protection feature is incredible. Even the clip on/off mechanism is very nice and easy.

To be honest, we’ve had trouble finding a flaw with this product, especially when you factor in its price. This could be the cheapest cam in its quality category.

Our final judgement is: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thanks for reading! We shall see you soon with more reviews. On behalf of our whole team, take care and drive safely!

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