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  • The Advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) is offered, that provides access to some very helpful perks.
  • Lane departure system is one of those perks. The camera will send you’re a beeping warning when the sensor detects your car is departing your lane.
  • FCWS (forward collision warning system) is another advanced driving assistance system option. The cam will again warn your with a beep when it detects, based on the speed of your car and the car in front, a collision is eminent.
  • The camera has an OV4689 4M CMOS sensor to round up this whole ensemble nicely.

About the brand:

Known all around the World, SmarTure always has a nice union of low cost and high quality, and rarely disappoints. Their main distribution targets are the U.S. and Canada, but you can purchase their items in all corners of the World. Their assembly factory is based in Sherzhen, China, and their offices are in San Francisco (U.S.) and Calgary (Canada). They are focused mainly on car cameras and rear view mirrors.

Many of you will already know this, but owning a car camera is one of the primary safety measures in traffic today, no matter what line of work you’re in, whatever type of vehicle you own, having a reliable witness with you at all times is well worth the investment. All you need to do is pick the best one for you.

We are here, to help you with that decision.

Video recordings made by car dashboard cameras are accepted by the police and are admissible as evidence, anywhere.

Many of these cameras take more than decent pictures, so you can of course use them in a number of different ways.

We will begin our review with some specifications that really stand out, at first glance:

  • High end Ambarella A7L50 processor
  • OV4689 4M CMOS sensor
  • High 1296p resolution
  • WDR/HDR (Wide dynamic range/high dynamic range)
  • ADAS (Advanced driving assistant system)
  • LDWS (Lane departure system)
  • FCWS (Forward collision warning system)
  • 2,4’’ HD LCD screen
  • Up to 64GB memory card support
  • 13M photo quality

The standard purchase includes the camera, a suction cup mount, a car cigarette port charger (long cable), a micro USB (short cable), a user manual and sticky clips to help with installing the cable.

SmarTure B200 1296P ReviewThe cable is long enough so that you can reach around and come to the cigarette slot any way you like, and the clips help hide it very well. It has ports for the micro SD memory card, HDMI, USB, power cable, and a built in speaker/microphone.

The sound recorded is pretty clear and the memory card can be up to 64GB size.

The screen is a large, 2.4 inch in fact, and the buttons are positioned directly under it. The buttons are in a silver colour, plastic, and have a toy like feel. This usually doesn’t promise durability and confident operating.

The camera, and all of other components, is in black colour and has a classic SmarTure design. People who have seen their products will recognize it immediately.

The mount cup is standard and doesn’t bring any new improvements with the rotating joint, but this one is sufficient. The number of ways and possibilities for mounting the cam is really large. You can use it on your front or back wind shield, or anywhere you manage to stick it. The usual and best way is, of course, right behind the rear-view mirror, on the dashboard. That way you can check it and operate easily from your driver seat. This is important since the camera has some cool features that directly help you while driving, so take all this into consideration when installing it.
The main virtue of this particular car camera is its high quality processor. It has an Ambarella A7LA50 chipset that should be known to all people that are in touch with the tech developments in this field. It promises a very fast and reliable, high quality video processing, and a long life.

The 6G lens has a bit of a narrow view angle than similar cams. It has a 140° recording angle, but it supports a very high 1296p HD recording resolution at 30 FPS, which is quite impressive.

Even with the night vision, which is also nice, you can make out small details such as license plate numbers on other cars, street signs, etc…

Resolution options are:

  • 2560x1080p at 30fps
  • 2304x1296p at 30fps
  • 1920x1080p at 30fps
  • HRD 1920x1080p at 30fps
  • 1280x720p at 60fps.

Video codec is H.254 and format is Mp4. Photo quality is 13 mega pixels and format is JPEG.

To round up the optics really well is the WDR and HDR (wide dynamic range and high dynamic range) that ensure the detailing in the video recording is massive, and also the lighting is never a problem, no matter the weather or time of day.

The G-sensor is stated to be more advanced than other similar products in it’s price range. It saves the current recording loop at potential impacts, sudden breaking, rapid acceleration, or sharp corners, from being overwritten or otherwise lost. If has various levels of sensitivity you can choose from.

The ADAS (advanced driving assistant system) is of great help. You need to calibrate it before you use it, and it is most accurate at speeds above 113 miles per hour, or 70 km/h, so it is a utility for highway driving and long journeys.

Similar utilities are the LDWS (lane departure warning system) and FCWS (forward collision warning system), that are self-explanatory.

Motion detection is what makes this cam usable in different ways, other than driving. It detects movement near it and immediately starts recording, even if it’s turned off, provided it has a power source.

Without the power plugged in, the cam can record for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the settings.

The battery is 550mAh.

You can choose between English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, and Thai languages, for the operating system.

It has all other standard features like auto power on/off, backlight, loop recording, etc…

Loop recording means the cam will record all your video in small loops (duration set in the options), and when it fills with data, it will continue recording, overwriting the oldest loop, and so on. This of course doesn’t include the protected loops.

Camera Performance:

The picture quality is exactly as good as its specifications promise. Everything seems cool. Night vision is great, no time lost between the loops, all the options are easily integrated and set… It is a really reliable device.

Navigating through the numerous options can be a bit difficult, because there are so many, so we recommend stopping your car if you’re setting something up as you go.

This cam can easily be used as a security cam, or as a plain cam to take photos or videos on your holiday. Just remember the power source and the battery life.

All in all, this is a rarely seen peace of technology. This cam almost has no flaws. Even the price is very affordable, far below the average price for items with similar possibilities.

Final Verdict:
We have nothing but high praise or this item. Definitely something anyone looking for an excellent quality and a low price should consider.

We give SmarTure B200 1296P an absolute green light and recommend it to everyone!

Drive safely!

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