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  • The hardware is quite impressive, even the little details like the quick release mounting bracket, or the GPS port at the end of its handle.
  • The cam has an impressively large 3’’ display and a 170° viewing angle capability. This, paired with the pretty decent 1080p video quality, makes operating it quite easy, and its videos pretty high quality.
  • The camera’s basic memory capability is the 8GB micro SD card that is included in the standard purchase. This serves a standard purpose, but if you need more, the cam can take up to a 64GB SD card.
  • Full HD 1080p HDR is the highest video quality available, but you can also choose some lower def options with higher frame rates, all depending on your needs and your memory space consumption.

Silent Witness SW005 ReviewThe Silent Witness SW005 is a beautifully designed, mid-range car dash camera. If you are not acquainted with the types of cameras out there, there are: cheap, mid-range, high end, and front and rear cams. Silent Witness SW005 is mid-range by pricing, but has many high end characteristics and features.

Silent Witness is a vehicle dash camera, CCTV, and telematics manufacturer from the United Kingdom. They are also in to all sorts of camera systems, DVR recorders, monitors, Side Scan Systems, Audible Alarms, vehicle safety, and FORS (fleet operator recognition scheme). The company is very passionate about the design of their products and they always stand out in different ways, but they also have respectable quality and supply.

This particular model looks beautiful, so let’s check out it’s specifications and features.

Stand Out Specifications:

  • Beautifully designed
  • White colour
  • 170° viewing angle
  • 1920x1080p full HD recording
  • Motion Detection
  • 3’’ display screen
  • GPS

Unboxing it, you’ll find the camera, a very long power cord for your car’s cigarette socket, a mini USB cable (short), a suction cup mounting bracket, a micro 8GB micro SD memory card plus a card adapter, and a CD with the necessary software usable on both PC and MAC.

All of the contents are in pure white colour, and it really makes everything look beautiful and high quality. The plastic really looks and feels like it has high quality and durability. The white makes it look original and nice, but it does make the camera stand out when viewing from the outside. Average cameras are not that easily seen by a random passer-by, but this cam will definitely be one of the first things noticed about your car. That can be a bad thing or it may very well be a good thing.

The power cable is very long and it can easily be concealed in any method you choose, so that it doesn’t stick out and get in the way of anything. The traditional way to do it is to run it around your wind shield sticking it with some cable clips, than under the dashboard to your car cigarette socket, if you are not hard-wiring it to your car of course.

The front side of the cam holds the lens and the microphone/speaker. Other ports and buttons are on the top and bottom side, and the menu buttons are on the back. The GPS port is incorporated nicely into the mounting bracket.

The camera is designed a lot like a classical photo camera. It is small, compact, light, and very thin. The white colour really gives it a kind of high technology look. It immediately catches the eye and looks pleasant. The outer rim and the buttons are in metallic silver colour, but other than that, all white.

The suction cup mount looks equally pretty and high quality as the camera. It has a quick release handle that you simply turn to suck the air out after sticking it to your windshield, and turn it back to let the air in and release. The GPS port is cleverly placed at the end of the handle, so when you turn it to suck the air out and to stick to your screen, the position of the handle is just right to plug in the GPS cable.

That goes of course if you are mounting it behind your rear view mirror. IT can also stick to various other surfaces, the only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is flat, and you can give it a sweep and then dry it out before you stick the cup, for better hold.

The back side has a huge 3 inch, wide display screen that is bigger than the screens seen on most of the cams from this price range, or even higher. It allows easy viewing and checking of your picture quality and options.

The control buttons are placed on both sides of the screen, 3 on one and 3 on the other, making it easy to navigate and access controls. The buttons are very sturdy and quality, inspiring confidence in durability.

The cam comes with an 8 GB memory card included, which is enough for some standard use, but if you want more room it supports up to a 64 GB card.
The lens provides you with a 170° wide viewing angle, giving your video recording a wide spread capture, from one side of the street to the other.

The Silent Witness SW005 has standard options, like most of the cams. You can set the time/date, and stamp it on your recording, you can choose languages, review your recordings, access GPS, set the loop length, brightness, contrast, etc…

Like every car dash cam, Silent Witness SW005 has a loop recording feature that enables the system to split your recordings in to loops, the length of which you can pre-determine yourself. There is no time lost between the loops, and when your memory is full, the system will then simply start overwriting the oldest loops with the new ones. This ensures your continuous recording is unobstructed, and the loops that are locked by other features will not be overwritten.

Gravity sensor, or G-Sensor, is also a common feature amongst all car cameras. It enables the system to detect any shifts in the car’s gravity, impacts, sudden movements or stops, and when that occurs it marks the current recording, locking it against it being overwritten later.

Motion detection is a very useful and welcomed feature. It is what gives this camera versatility. Motion detection works while your car is parked, and if the sensor picks up any movement near it, the camera will turn on and record for a short period of time, provided it has enough power. So, always keep your cam plugged in. Motion detection also gives you the possibility of using the cam as a home security cam. The motion sensitivity can be set between three different levels, and the highest sensitivity picks up leaves swaying in the wind.

Resolution options are as follows: 1080p HDR, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p with 60 fps, and 720p with 30 fps.

This effects your memory consumption, and 8GB of space at 1080p HDR gives you 56 minutes of footage, while a 64 GB card at this maximum resolution will give you up to 448 minutes of footage, that’s just little over 7 hours.


This camera really performs impressively, and remains stealthy during driving. Its colour does make it stand out from the outside true, but from the inside it is barely noticeable. The video recording is really impressive, but if you would want the highest setting and video quality, it is pointless without the 64 GB memory card.

The design is really great and the buttons are as we first thought. The only thing is that they require both of your thumbs, or rather hands, at the same time for successfully operating it, so tampering with the camera and driving is out of the question.

That about does it for this review, it’s a great camera with some stand out specifications and gets the green light from us, until next time, drive safe!


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