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  • The no-screen policy seems to be a tradition amongst the high end camera manufacturers. They prefer their products to focus on their purpose, and not to serve as a toy or a gadget to tinker with, especially not while you are driving your car.
  • This camera has something most cameras do, digital image stabilization system, and it really does make all the difference.
  • You do get the 8GB memory card included and it is sufficient for standard needs, but depending on your needs, you may want to ramp up the memory space.
  • The design and build of this cam does feel sturdy and inspires confidence. It seems to promise a long and lasting life.

Today we’re reviewing the RoadHawk DC-2 dash cam. It is a rework version of an older best selling model, the RoadHawk HD-2.

This camera seems to have impressive specifications and looks unique at first glance. There are several features of this dash cam, it’s design stands out straight away and it’s got some pretty impressive hardware.

Stand out specifications:

  • No display screen
  • Military, flat design
  • Realistic image quality
  • Option settings are exclusively done via CPU software
  • 8GB memory card included
  • GPS
  • Digital image stabilization

RoadHawk DC-2 ReviewRoadHawk is a camera manufacturer from China. The company has many of its dash cams made in a similar military, no-screen, flat design style.

The explanation from RoadHawk is that they aim their gadgets to be professional and safe. They argue that the classic dashboard camera designs with display screens are dangerous and that they take away the driver’s attention.

That’s their position on the matter, and it is quite a good point, having video playing in the middle of your dashboard can be distracting.

Almost all of the cameras we have reviewed in the past had either buttons that required both hands for operating, or large screens with driver’s assistance to tell you stuff during driving. Now, this is beneficial, but the fact remains it has to take away at least some of your attention.

In the standard package, you will get: the camera, the car cigarette socket power cable(with stick pins), 8GB micro SD memory card, a USB memory card reader, two 3M sticking mounting holders, appropriate software, and the instruction manual.

The cable is lengthy and you are able to hide it easily with the help of the stick pins. You get 5 of those.

For mounting you have two options: the standard stick behind the rear view mirror, and the other one you can place wherever you see fit. The second mount is designed for a more vertical surface and the angle of the joint is a bit different than what you normally see.

The camera itself has a kind of a military design. It is horizontally flat and reminds of a futuristic gadget of some sort. It is in black colour.

The buttons and ports are all on the back side, facing the driver in the default position. You have two LED lights to indicate when the recording and the GPS are on, you have the event button marked with a big ‘E’, there’s the alarm light, and the micro SD card slot.

On its sides you’ll find the microphone, DC, and power ports. There’s also an external 3.5mm microphone jack.

The camera also has some decent vents all over its body, so is deals with overheating nicely. It really feels quite durable and high quality.

Camera’s body is small and light, making it very easy to mount, install and move around.

When you install the software you will get a specific program in which you run and review your videos, as well as set your options. There, you will be able to format your memory, check the user guide, arrange your recordings, view the GPS map positions on your videos, check your vehicle speed, the G-sensor meter, edit date and time for the events, date and time stamp, and of course set other classic options.

Operating in it is really quite simple and straight forward.

In the settings menu you can set the resolution, time zone, loop recording and recording length, bit rate, record modes, spot metering, HDR, microphone sensitivity, speaker volume, EVENT sensitivity, contrast, brightness, and saturation.

The outstanding feature  is the digital picture stabilization technology. This really makes the video feel realistic, even at night.

Being quite different than the other cameras in its category, the RoadHawk DC-2 has some standard features most cameras have.

Options like the G-sensor that detects impacts and saves the current loop from being overwritten or lost.

There’s the HDR option that enhances the already great picture quality. Low light and night visions are included.

Its lens has a bit smaller angle view than we’re used to. Only 130° angle field of view.

The maximum resolution quality is 1920x1080p with 30 fps (frames per second). This should be sufficient if the picture processing is good enough, and it is here.

It can’t take photos though, and the maximum SD card supported is 128GB size.

The processor is Ambarella A5s, which is powerful, and the battery in this dash cam is really high quality.

General performance:

Taking all the exotic things in consideration, we didn’t really know what to expect. Not being able to review the footage while driving seemed strange and having to wait to get home to check it wasn’t something you normally have to do with modern dashcams.

All in all, it is very good. To be honest, much better than we hoped it would be, and even better than some of the other competitor cams.

Video stability tech really adds a lot to the overall quality of the recording so the video feels so lifelike and realistic, almost no different than what you see with your own eyes.

The details are visible even at night and you can easily make out license plates and street signs.

The camera itself doesn’t heat up at all, and the manufacturers were right – you really forget it is there.

This cam may be steep when it comes to the various commodities, but in return it really doesn’t interfere with your driving in any way whatsoever.

A small drawback we noticed – during daylight, the LED indication lamps for recording and GPS are barely visible when on. You can’t tell if the cam is working or not.



This dash cam performs really nicely, but with all the features missing, having no screen for example, it’s a difficult choice to make, do you go for this or do you go for something similar when looking at high end dash cams?

The hardware and the quality really are good, but if you are the type to need something extra in the options and camera capabilities then it’s probably not for you.

As far as out final verdict goes, we are giving this camera a positive score and an official green light, as it does a lot of things right, as long as you keep in mind this product is for people who want high quality and safety of the recording, without much tampering and having to play around with the dash cam.

That concludes this review,

Drive safe!

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