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  • Both cameras are attached to the same body and they are both the same quality and capable.
  • The one lens you decide to use as a rear cam can record your car’s interior, but you can also set up its zoom, which 50M, and use it as a rear view camera as well.
  • This cam has a 720p video quality capability, which is lower than cameras usually have, even at low range, but inspecting this cam we felt that the manufacturers really wanted to make both cameras (front and rear) have no difference, and that this product is to have a sort of symmetry in its functioning.
  • The body really feels durable and sturdy, as well as the buttons. It promises a long lasting life.

Nextbase Duo ReviewThe Nextbase Duo front and rear dual lens car dash cam stands out right from the start as something never seen before in terms of design and innovation. This particular model’s name ‘duo’ is of course because it has two cams, or more accurately, two independent lenses attached on one body.

Nextbase is a camera manufacturer from the United Kingdom. It’s got some pretty interesting models on the market, some classic and some more exotic or innovative. This Nexbase Duo model surely brings some new approaches in design, but also has nice features. It was even the “Auto Express” editor’s choice in 2015, and was awarded –Driving Best Buy- star by the “Sunday Times”.

Specifications that stand out:

  • Two 180° rotating cameras
  • Both have 140° viewing angles (that’s 280° covered at all times)
  • Built in GPS speed and location logging
  • Rear facing 50 meter zoom lens
  • Night vision
  • Motion Detection

The standard purchase comes in a fancy looking box with a lot of info on it. The contents of the box are: in-car duo camera, window GPS mount, a car cigarette socket power cable (4m long), micro USB cable, power converter cable, quick start guide, and the instruction manual & software disc.

The camera and all of its accessories are in black colour.

The camera has a rectangular shape, with the two lenses on the sides in the shape of two cylindrical holders. You can rotate both of them for 180°, so you can cover 360° around the camera. Pretty much able to record anyway you like. The lenses, of course have a 140° viewing angles themselves so, you can only cover 280° at one given moment, but that is quite impressive.

Both recordings are in the 720p at 30fps recording quality. This is a bit lower than most of the cameras in this price range, but it should be enough for standard needs of protection.

When looking at the camera’s screen, the lens on its right side is for front facing and the lens on the left for rear viewing because it has an ultra zoom feature.

The power button, SD memory card reader, reset button, and speaker/microphone are all on the bottom side of the unit.

You get a plain mounting bracket. It is designed in the usual manner, nothing fancy. It sticks with a suction cup and has a short GPS cable to plug it in your camera.

Concerning mounting, there is a bit of a pickle. With the nature of this camera’s lenses, if you want to install this camera behind your rear view mirror and do not want your rear view lens to be blocked by it, you will probably need to stick the mount a bit to the side, closer to the driver’s seat. It can be impossible to operate it or view it if it’s directly behind the rear view mirror.

It is also a good idea not to place the camera too high on your wind shield. You may feel the urge to do so because of your rear view angle, but this may interfere with the lighting and vision of the front lens.

The power cable is long enough to reach around your wind shield and dashboard, and get to the cigarette socket with no trouble, while being efficiently hidden. You can even run it under your car’s carpet and still make it.

This camera utilizes a 12V power cable and automatically powers on when you start your car, if it’s plugged in of course.

The 2.0’’ screen is not that big but sufficient, we believe. The buttons are right on the sides of your display screen, six in total. They are plastic, like the whole camera, but pretty high quality. This kind of quality plastic is rarely seen and it really feels durable and reliable.

Even though the screen is not big, it still shows you what both lenses are capturing. The display picture is divided in half vertically.

The menu is pretty straightforward and simple. We have the settings for: camera, video length, date stamp, exposure, etc…

The software provided is both for PC and Mac users. It is nicely designed and lets you browse through your recorded material, view the GPS info on it and other info. You can also set up options that way.

G-sensor is a must with any class of these products. It is a gravity sensor that detects impacts, sudden shifts in the car’s position or speed, and locks the current video recording loop so it won’t be overwritten by the cam’s system.

Loop recording feature means your footage can be set to be divided into loops, the length of which you can predetermine in the settings, and stored. Once the memory card is full, the system will then automatically overwrite the oldest loop footage, provided it is not locked against that by other features.

This way the camera is always recording, and there are no gaps between the loops.

You can additionally purchase up to a 32GB micro SD memory card, and that will give you space for 7.7 hours of footage at this cameras highest resolution.


Both recordings are pretty decent. Even though it’s only 720p, the detailing is sufficient. You can make out license plate numbers, street signs, etc… The sound recording quality is not that great.

Night vision is enhanced and adding to this camera’s good reputation.

The main question was how was the rear view camera going to perform, and it is surprisingly good. It’s not the best we’ve seen, but sufficient enough for most of drivers.

Cams that have motion detection protect your car even when turned off and parked, for when theirs sensor picks up motion near your car it will turn the cam on automatically and record what it sees.

If this cam had it, with its dual lens and 280° coverage…that would have made it much, much better.

This way you need to settle with the basic options it provides, sufficient resolution, no HDR *high dynamic range) or WDR (wide dynamic range), and many more features missing.

One constellation probably is the high quality camera body and durable buttons. The cylindrical lens holders are also high quality and durable, so they do inspire confidence.

This camera has received some nice recognition and awards in the past, but it appears that since then the technology has advanced a bit and pushed the bar a bit farther. This camera was excellent for its time, and still is pretty good for most of your needs, just there’s a lot of stuff it could do better.

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  1. Good camera but with faults. Difficult to remove when parked for security reasons, other nextbase cameras are so much better at this. There is also a problem replacing the connection when it fails as I can find nowhere that sells the adapter to convert this strange connection to a standard one. Why didn’t they use a standard connection as they have on their other models?


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