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Nextbase 312GW Review


  • The resolution options are pretty standard. Two options are offered: 1080p at a 30 frame rates per second and 720 at 60 fps. Some cameras may have more options, however, 1080p is enough for a dash camera.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi system is a high end perk most cameras lack. This model provides its own Wi-Fi network with which you can easily operate the dash cam and connect it with your phone.
  • The large display screen is well above average. 2.7 inches provides an easy way to access all your options and settings, and check your video quality while on the road.
  • The mounting system is organized as a magnetic click & go mechanism. This is also something very rarely seen.

Nextbase 312GW ReviewNextbase is a car technology manufacturer originating from the United Kingdom. Established back in 1999, Nextbase has had a strong presence on the market of electronics and gadgets since. The company was mostly focused on producing high quality and affordable portable entertainment systems, DVD players, and such. Somewhere along the way they became interested in car dash cams, and have managed to keep their reputation for quality in this field as well. The company has been estimated to have had the fastest growing consumer electronics company in 2015. In the past year they have expanded their range of products to new car based gadgets, things like in-car tablets, and the car cameras they have launched are more and more popular and are receiving high praise and good feedback.

The box contains all the standard, usual stuff. The camera itself, the power cord for your car’s cigarette socket (long), a mini USB cable (short), a mounting bracket, and the user manual. The camera is in black and silver colours, and the other components are in black.

The charging power cord is very long, sufficiently so that it can reach around in any direction from your camera to your car’s cigarette socket. The best usual way of doing so is to go around your wind shield, then down past your dashboard, under it, and finally to the cigarette socket. The mini USB cable is short and only supposed to serve when you want to link your cam to your PC unit.
The camera has a nice classic design, with mostly black surfaces and some stylish silver parts. It looks like a classic photo camera and is very inconspicuous.

The front side has the lens and the microphone/speaker, while the back side has the large display screen and all the other control buttons.

The ports are on the sides. The USB port on the left, and the power and all other on the bottom side of the camera body. The GPS port is located on the mounting bracket.

The mounting bracket is something rarely seen. IT holds the camera with a magnetic system. The camera is magnetically held by another magnet, with is then held by a single joint with high manoeuvrability. The whole thing is pretty stable and firm, giving off a sense of reliance, which may not be the first thing a person would think with this magnetic system.

The mounting bracket is then suspended on your wind shield with a standard suction cup method, the best way being the standard position on the top middle part of the wind shield, just behind the rear view mirror.

The buttons are well placed, with indications on each, enabling a clear and easy to use control menu. On the sides of the screen are also several further indicators, marking secondary functions of buttons.

The buttons feel durable and sturdy, promising a long lifespan.

The screen is an LED 2.7 inch display, pretty big and wide for most cameras. The 2.7 inch size is near the top maximum for these gadgets, and it makes for a further ease of access.

Options are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. The camera can begin working right away, because the default options are sufficiently set to suit most situations.

If you wish to set up your camera to your own specifications however, there is a wide variety of options you can use.

You can select between resolution options and frame rates, for instance. The higher the resolution, the more space your recording will take up, obviously. This camera doesn’t come with a micro SD memory card included, so you’ll have to purchase one additionally, if you want a little more space. The camera alone has 8GB, which is not much, but can serve the purpose until you get additional space.

The 140° viewing angle is a big lower than expected. Most cameras are 150-160, and really good ones go to 170 even. 140 is a bit below our expectations, but it server its purpose. In this angle, if the cam is positioned in the default position on the top middle of the wind shield, you can capture both sides of the road to approximately 1 meter in front of your car. Not much, but not that bad either.

Like all car cameras, the standard feature of loop recording is present here. Loop recording means the camera divides your recordings into loops, the length of which you can set up yourself. Once the memory is full, the camera will overwrite the existing date, beginning with the oldest. Overwriting however will not take place if a particular loop is locked by other features.
G-sensor feature detects impacts and sudden movements and shocks to you vehicle, and in that case marks the current loop recording, preventing it from being overwritten and keeping it safe on your device.

Motion detection is a feature used when you car is parked. Providing the camera has a constant power source, when motion is detected near your car, the cam will turn on automatically and make a recording of a standard length.

A special, stand out, addition to this device is the WIFI feature. Not many cameras have it, and even fewer mid-ranged cams are capable of it. It enables you to connect you camera to your other devices, like you phone or lap top, and download the loops without removing your camera from your car and connecting it to your CPU. This can even be done simultaneously as it records. You can even use your phone or CPU to access the footage from your car in real time, when it is for instance parked in front of your home.

Assessment and rating

This camera performs quite fine. IT has a very clear picture and its recordings are sharp with visible small details. The night vision is decent, and the overall performance is up to all our expectations.

A couple of features are missing, that could make it an even more useful tool, but the overall functionality paired with an affordable price it can be purchased for, makes this particular model, 312GW quite respectable.

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