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  • The above average 170° viewing angle is something not seen that often on cameras in this range, but it is definitely something all dash cam owners welcome.
  • 2.7’’ display screen is again something much larger than it’s usually seen. It allows nice accessibility to view options and video on the road.
  • The cam has an incredibly large memory space. On its own, this model has 32Gb of memory space.
  • The cam has a wide variety of resolution options. You have four presented options, from a 2k resolution quality, all the way down to 720p, all at 30 frame rate capability.

MAISI Super HD 1296P ReviewToday we review the MAISI Super HD 1296p dash cam. It’s a brand you don’t see that often and not much is known about their products in general, so today we will give you our assessment and determine the specifications and the quality of this dash cam.

There is not much information on MAISI manufacturers on the web, there are just a couple of models, and the strange thing is that they sometimes don’t have the particular series named after anything.

They just name the cam MAISI and they differentiate them by the specification, which may not be a bad thing, now that we think about it a bit. This particular model has some high quality specs, so we were really curious.

The camera specs:

  • Ambarella A7 high-tech processor
  • High video resolution:
    • 2014x1296p at 30fps
    • 1920x1080p at 30fpsHDR
    • 1920x1080p 30fps
    • 1280x720p 30fps
  • 32 GB of built in memory
  • Sensor 4.8 MP
  • A wide 170° view angle
  • A built in GPS module
  • Large 2.7’’ TFT LCD display screen

This particular MAISI cam comes with an interestingly complex holder, a car cigarette socket power cable (long), a mini USB cable (short), cable stick accessories, and an instruction manual.

The camera design is pretty sleek. It, and all other components, are in complete black colour and are futuristic in design, especially the mount joint, or rather joints. The mount holder has two joints and kind of reminds us of the “Terminator” movie, so very futuristic. The mount is in fact where the GPS port is at, so it is very neatly designed. The mount naturally sticks to your wind shield nicely, or wherever you choose to position it.

The power cable length allows for a nice install and you can easily hide the cable which every way you like. It is long enough so it can take a full trip around the dashboard and still reach the cigarette socket. The camera turns on and off automatically with your car. You can mount it very easily and the positioning of the camera is quite easy and precise, due to the two-joint mount.

If you factor in the excellent 170 ° viewing angle, then the camera’s positioning works like a charm.

The angle is provided by the f1.6 six glass lens, and you have the WDR (wide dynamic range) system to round up things nicely.

2.7 inch TFT LCD display screen is a nice addition to the exterior of the camera. Having a large screen like this is really good, as you will have no trouble viewing stuff as you go, and setting up your picture quality and taking photos is of course much easier.]

The resolution options are: 2014x1296p at 30fps, 1920x1080p at 30fps, HDR 1920x1080p 30fps, and 1280x720p 60/30fps.

Photo resolution is a bit steep, only 5 Mega-pixels, but you have 8x digital zoom.

Language options let’s you choose between: English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), and Russian. So, not too many options, clearly they targeted the eastern Asian market. Could be the reason not too many of these products are seen in the European market.

The cam has a built in microphone and speaker. The other ports are for the charger, the micro USB, TV out, and for the additional SD card.

The buttons are kind of tricky and confusing, and in order to successfully operate the options, you need to hold the camera in both hands and use your both thumbs, so you can’t really use it while driving that much. The buttons and the whole camera are plastic and do not inspire confidence about its durability.

The cool feature is the built in GPS module that records GPS data in your video recordings, and you can check your vehicles location, speed and route. Now, this is rarely seen in the cameras in this league, and it could be its greatest advantage.

The camera records videos loops with the duration predetermined in options. Loop recording means that once the camera’s memory is full, the system automatically starts overwriting the oldest loops, provided they are not protected by the cameras other features. There is no time lost between loops, this is called ‘seamless loop recording’.

You can also set the time and date, mute the sound recording, etc…

Night vision recording is quite impressive. It is every bit as good as day light and small details like license plate numbers on other cars are visible even at unexpected distances.

File format is MOV for videos and JPEG for photos.

The loops are protected from being overwritten by the features like G-sensor, which detects impacts, or sudden shifts in car position, and protects the current recording.

Motion sensor does the same thing, only in case of detected movement near your car, or camera more precisely. This is why you can use this camera as a security cam, provided it has a constant power source, you could potentially use it in your home as well. But, it primarily does the job of protecting your car when parked.

You also have the speeding warning and Lane Departure system warning.


The camera is performing really rather well. All of its features are on point and are functioning correctly. The picture quality is really amazing. I’d go as far as saying this would make a great camera for every day recording and not just for your car.

A bit of a let down on this dash camera is the previously mentioned is the accessibility of the buttons, it can be a bit tricky, you basically need both hands on the dash cam almost every time you want to set something.

Night vision is really exactly as promised by the camera’s specifications, in fact, everything works perfectly.

The problem for me is the potential durability of this product. Even with the good chip set and high quality mount, we had the feeling that these buttons cannot last long, also the two joint mount is a good and modern thing, but two joints is one more joint to worry about. If any of them gets damaged, you’ll be in trouble.

The questionable nature of this brand is the biggest let down in our opinion. We came to the conclusion that they targeted the eastern Asian market with this dash cam, but still we are treating all these products equally, it’s not as good as we expected.

Furthermore, its price used to be much higher, but it probably went down due to the lack of interest, but now being cheaper more people may be into buying it.

That’s about it for this review, we hope you enjoyed it and have all the information you need about this dash camera.

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