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  • The camera looks like a classic photo camera, but it has a nicely organized accessibility of functions and buttons.
  • A large 2.7’’display screen is well above average, even for higher classes of cameras.
  • The 170° viewing angle is again something above average. 170° means the cam will capture both sides of the road and almost both sides of your car, capturing literally everything in the driver’s sight.
  • The panic button or an ‘emergency button’ is always a welcomed addition. This provides you with the ability to manually lock your current loop recording and protect it from overwriting.

LYNEC DC15 ReviewWelcome to our LYNEC DC15 review. There are many of these products in the market and we are here hopefully to help you make the right call and an informed decision.

Buying a car camera is something every driver needs to do. No matter the type of vehicle you drive or the number of hours spent in your car a day. If you drive for a living, or you just drive to your job, or even when you go on a holiday with the family, you want to stay protected, and these cams have a number of features to help with that. They are not just reliable witnesses they can also be used to guard your car, or even your home.

A lot of these devices can take decent pictures, can be mounted to guard your front door via their motion detectors, or they can just serve their primary function and guard your car.

Recordings made by car dash cameras are accepted by the police in most countries and are admissible as evidence.

There are a lot of LYNEC models in the market at this moment, and many of them have mixed reviews. The manufacturer is well known to followers of these types of products.

Let’s delve deeper into the LYNEC DC15 Review.

Specifications that stand out:

  • Impressive accessibility of buttons and functions
  • Designed to look like a regular type camera
  • A large 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • 170° ultra wide recording angle
  • Panic button, that locks the current video from being overwritten
  • Comes with an micro SD memory card (8GB)
  • Has a innovative Swivel Ball suction mount
  • 13 MP photo quality

If purchased, LYNEC DC15 comes in a small cardboard box, that contains the following items:

The camera if self, the mount kit, car charger with a long cable,  micro USB data short cable, a warranty card, user manual, micro SD adapter and an 8 GB micro SD memory card.

It is very nice that this model has a micro SD memory card included with the basic purchase. Most cameras do not include a memory card. It is an 8 GB though. If you want more space, you’re going to have to purchase a bigger one. It supports up to a 32 GB micro card.

The design of the camera is cool. It looks like a classic photo camera, but the difference here is that it is made out of metal. These cams are mostly plastic, so this promises durability. It’s small and compact but has a big lens that makes the super wide angle possible. The 170° angle is really impressive and is not seen often, especially in this price range.

The camera and all the cables are in colour black.

The viewing screen is also quite big. It is a 2.7 inch LCD screen that is nice to have, because smaller screens have a tendency to make setting up options or checking them during driving kind of risky.

The buttons are all placed on the bottom side of the camera, so that they are set up for you to easily navigate them with your thumb. We got to admit, this button arrangement we see for the first time and it is a good idea. You can hold the cam in place as you press the buttons and you are less likely to move it out of its position, while other button styles make this more likely to happen.

This is another thing that is very helpful when driving and checking your cam at the same time. Though, this is not recommended, sometimes it can be necessary.

There is also an emergency recording button, or the “Panic Button”, that locks the current loop recording and prevents it from being overwritten. There are of course a number of ways this is automatically achieved, but sometimes you may use this dash cam as a regular camera, and then this button really shines.

We have to admit, right from the start, the accessibility or the buttons and functions is really impressive. It is something that is rarely seen.

You also have ports for your SD card and your charging cable placed nicely, so that they round up the first impression really well.

The cable is lengthy and you can easily go around the dashboard in any direction to hide it or compact it, without running out of it.

The swivel ball suction mount is innovative as well. The joint holding the cam thus allows for an easy positioning and rotating in any direction, any angle.  This is also very useful in any other situation, besides mounting it on your front dashboard. It can stick to your rear dashboard, your house door or window, etc… The most important thing is that it needs to have a power source constantly.

If used as a security cam, the camera would have to be turned on all the time because it doesn’t have a motion sensor, which is one of its drawbacks.

It has a G-sensor, of course, so automatic preservation of recordings during an impact is assured.

The software and the options are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. The default options are good for most scenarios so you can even skip the setup.

If you choose to set your own preferred options, you may not even need the manual.

The camera records videos in 1920x1080p full HD resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), supports HDMI and has an AV-out port.

The format it records in is M-JPEG, and the photo format is of course JPEG.

The night vision/low light recording is outstanding, and WDR greatly helps with the details.

You can make out the license plates on other cars on the night time recording, which is all you could ask for.

Sound recording is done by a built in microphone and speaker.

The dash cam records in loops and it automatically powers on or off with your car powering on or off.

Once the memory is filled, the oldest unprotected loop recording is overwritten, and so on. The transition between the loops is also assured so the cam records seamless, not skipping any seconds on transitions.

You can set the date and time easily.

The camera performance is really decent for its price. It is a fine choice for someone looking not to spend too much money but still wants the performance.

The first impression is good, as we said, but not having a motion sensor is a big deal to us.

There are similar cams within this price range that have it, our reviews of the best dash cams under £100 can be found by clicking the link which will give you an understanding of what else you can get for a similar price in this market.

Sure, there is the panic button, but with motion detection you could use it in so many additional ways.

The recordings are decent, night time or day time. Everything is okay, but also the question of the chip set remains. Not enough information on the longevity of this camera, and not enough tests.
And, we have stated that it has an 8GB micro SD card included, but that’s not much… You will probably end up buying the 24 GB one anyway.


All in all, it is not a bad product, but with only a few dollars more you could get something that has many more options and uses. But its accessibility does give it some credit, so I guess it is an even balance.

Well, there you have it. Hope this was informational and that it will help you in your selection. We are reviewing things objectively, but this is still only our point of view.

Drive safely and responsibly!

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