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  • The first thing noticed is of course the 1296p super HD capability, which is not that common no matter the class range.
  • The hardware on this gadget is pretty impressive, mainly its Ambarella A7 chipset, which is well known to be the high tech choice in the recent years.
  • The aluminium built and the all around design of this model really does inspire confidence and feels durable.
  • The average size of the display screen on any car camera is around 2 to 2.5 inches. This model has a 3’’ display, making it above average, obviously, in this area.
  • The 6 layer glass lens is improved by one additional infra red lens, giving this cam a supreme night vision capability.

Stand out specifications:

  • 1296p Super HD
  • Motion Detection
  • Supreme Night Vision
  • GPS Logger
  • LLWS (low light vision system)
  • WDR (wide dynamic range) and HDR (high dynamic range)
  • Ambarella A7LA50 chip set
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • 170° wide viewing angle

KEHAN KH903-50VP ReviewKehan is a global car camera and equipment manufacturer, stationed in America. They were established in 2004, and so far their products have ranged from car cameras to body-worn cameras, and even action cameras. Its headquarters is in California U.S., and over the years they have established themselves very well in various markets all over the World, even China.

This particular product, KEHAN KH903-50VP, judged by its features and capabilities seems to belong in the high end class of car cameras, but its pricing is fairly modest, taking all that in to consideration.

The standard purchase comes in a nice quality white box that is designed to be used as a store spot for the components you don’t need every day. Neatly packed, inside you’ll find the camera itself, the suction cup mounting bracket, the car cigarette socket power cord, a mini USB cable, and a warranty card. There is a version with an included 16 or 32GB memory card included, but the price is higher also.

The camera body is made out of aluminium and feels pretty sturdy. It looks like a classic photo camera, the lens and the speaker are on the front side, the buttons are on the bottom side, the display screen on the back, and various other ports and buttons are spread all around. The micro SD card port, the reset and on/off button are all on the top side next to the mounting bracket slot. On the left hand side you’ll find the mini USB port, AV out port and the microphone for sound recording, and the right hand side holds the HDMI port. There is no HDMI cable included though.
Camera color is silver/black, and the rest of the components are all black.

The back side, as we’ve said, holds a large 3 inch LCD display screen, which is pretty nice. The size of an average screen on most models rarely goes over 2 or 2.5 inches, so this makes reviewing and setting up much easier, but it can potentially draw more attention during driving.

The main control buttons, for navigating the menu, are all on the bottom side, but there are indicators on which button is witch on the back facing the user, so that is a nice perk. Usually there are none and you constantly have to check for the buttons to see the indicators on them. The buttons themselves feel pretty sturdy and durable, which is also a prerogative of a high end camera.

As far as the processor goes, the Ambarella A7LD50 is a well known high end and high quality chipset, designed with multiple cores that enable advanced video processing.

The viewing angle is 170° wide, which is impressive for any camera class. This basically means you will almost be able to record happenings on the both sides of your hub while the camera is faced front.

The lens OV4689 is made up out of 6 glass lenses + 1 infra red filter lens giving this incredibly wide viewing range, clear high detail image, and superb night vision.

The resolution options include: 2560x1080p at 30 fps, super HD 2304x1296p at 30 fps, HDR 1920x1080p at 30 fps, plain 1920x1080p at 30 and 45 fps, and 1280x720p at 30 fps.  They are all impressive by themselves, but with HDR and WDR included they make video recordings so rich in detail, that you will definitely be delighted. You can easily make out even the smallest details, such as license plate numbers on cars very far away, or street sign letters and numbers. Even recording the landscape, just for fun and for your own road trip documentation is beautiful and incredibly high quality.

The cam can also take moderately decent still pictures at 4 mega pixels quality. Somewhat low compared to the sky high video resolution. The video format is MOV and the image format is JPEG, codec used is H.264 like most cameras.

Mounting this unit is pretty standard. The suction cup sticks to the wind shield pretty well. One thing you can do is give it a good sweep and dry it out thoroughly before sticking the bracket, for a more secure stick. The camera is best positioned in the top centre point of your wind shield, right behind the rear view mirror. This way the power cable can easily run around the wind shield, than the dashboard, under the controls and all the way to your cigarette lighter socket, with no problem, thus concealing it nicely.

The standard features in the actual software section are definitely high end. The recording has a date/time stamp, GPS logger is optional. You can set and tweak all kinds of different modes, loop length, auto power on/off, menu language, sensor sensitivities, etc…

Standard feature these cameras have is of course the loop recording option. IF you don’t know what it does, it divides all recording into loops, the length of which you can set yourself. This makes browsing through and managing your videos much easier. After the memory is full, the system will simply start overwriting the oldest loops, provided they are not protected against being rewritten by being locked by other features.

G-sensor feature is another standard perk, and no car camera is without it. It is a gravity sensor that detects impacts or sudden movements and stops of your car and then locks and marks the current video loop.

Motion detection is another feature that manages and locks loops, by it does so by detecting the movement near your car, when your car is parked and turned off. When this happens, provided the camera has power, it will turn on and make a recording of the next few minutes. This is why it is important to always keep your camera plugged in.

General performance

This camera really is a high end gadget. It is impressive and lack in almost nothing. The particularly impressive feature is the night vision that is possibly the best we’ve seen so far. The video quality is perfect, and all options and features work like clockwork.

As far as driving goes, the cam stays inconspicuous and stealthy. It doesn’t obstruct the driver in any way, but it still of course requires for you to pull over if you want to set some options up.


This camera is definitely worth the price, even more. By purchasing it, you are probably looking at a long term investment and got yourself something that will last along time.

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