ELEPHAS ET-650 Review

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  • The cameras main perk must be its price which is incredibly low and affordable.
  • Despite being in the budget camera class, the cam has an impressive 170° viewing angle.
  • It works using a Novateck chipset, which is pretty standard even more dash cams that are more expensive.
  • The camera also brings some nice, perks like motion detection.

Quick overview of the specs:

  • AR 0330 lens
  • 1080p HD recording
  • 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Night vision tech
  • 170° recording angle
  • Motion detection
  • Gravity sensor
  • Loop recording
  • 3 inch LCD viewing screen

ELEPHAS ET-650 ReviewToday we will introduce another great way or protecting your car from thieves, bad drivers, or traffic accidents. What makes these cameras essential for everyone is that their recordings are accepted by the police and even accepted by the insurance companies. If the camera helps your prove it was not your fault, whatever the unfortunate accident, you will be getting your insurance in full!

The camera we are reviewing today is the Elephas ET 650 dash cam. There isn’t much information on it on the web, so if you want to know more, please read on!

Camera specs:

The Elephas ET-650 car dashboard camera is standard size. It comes packed with the usual stuff: USB cable, power cord for the cigarette lighter, the vacuum stick holder for mounting the camera on your dashboard, the camera itself, and of course the user manual. The parts are quite simple to assemble and plug in, and everything is self explanatory, the colouring of the plastic is black and the design is pretty standard, but what this camera lacks in styling it makes up with performance.

First of all, it has a AR0330 six glass lens (made in Japan) that really enables a very sharp video recording picture, the camera supports full HD 1080p recording, with 30 frames per second (FPS). This enables a crystal clear image.

It has an advanced WDR technology and night vision technology. 170 degree wide view angle lens gives your recordings a panoramic width, capturing both sides of the street or road, and ‘seeing’ everything that the dashboard sees.

The camera also possesses a motion detection sensor. If it is plugged in to your cigarette lighter socket and has power, the motion detection system will be operational. You now have a very smart protection against potential thieves. When an individual approaches your car and is in its immediate surroundings, the dash camera will record that individual’s face and potential criminal action.

All you need to do is set the motion detection option ON and make sure your camera has power. You can also connect optional hardware if available.

G-Sensor or gravity sensor is there to protect your important recording from being overwritten. At the time of impact, this sensor automatically saves and stores the current recording.
It also supports Loop Recording. When your memory card is full, the system will automatically record over the oldest data first.

All settings and recording viewing is done via the bright 2.7 inch color LCD screen, where you can view the current (live) recording, or check video playbacks.

The thing that makes this particular item famous is its crystal clear video and a very strong night vision. There are a lot of cases where people say they’ve never seen a better night vision quality than this.

Also, the high frame rate and quality lens, combined with the high resolution allows the camera to capture small details, such as plate numbers, etc… Other standard features include: language selection, timers, plate number stamp setting, resolution, volume recording, automatic turn off and so on.

The bad thing about this camera is that it can be pricey. It also lacks some attractiveness in its design, or at least colouring.


The camera is definitely delivering what its specs promise, and that is a crystal clear recording, with a high detail visibility and a wide angle. Night vision is truly superb. The controls are a bit hard for pressing but you can do it without mistakes. Every option is self-explanatory and the default settings are enough for the basic protection.

All in all, Elephas ET-650 is nice and trust worthy, but it can be expensive, depending on where you decide to purchase it from. Its lack of design can be overlooked because of the superior night vision and impressive clearness of the video recording, but it is always up to you, the potential buyers to decide.

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