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  • 1920p full HD video resolution capability is a decent recording quality and it is done at 30 frames per second.
  • The display screen is above average. It is 2.7’’ wide, making it easier for you to operate it and review your settings while on the road.
  • Now, something budget cameras do not usually have on their list of features is a motion sensor. This is a nice addition on a budget camera and pleasing to see.
  • The buttons are really well placed, large, and easy to operate. This is something many cameras have a problem with, but G1W has solved it very successfully.

E-PRANCE G1W ReviewThe E-PRANCE G1W is a budget dash cam with a pretty high resolution capacity and some specs that stand out right from the start. The G1W has some features that you don’t normally see at the price point.

Budget cameras usually have drawbacks tied to their hardware. Manufacturers that make dash cams in this price range usually focus on providing an affordable dash cam with a good video quality, but the chipset could be a bit outdated, or the camera body won’t be super durable and reliable. In few cases, however, some manufacturers do get that right balance of price and quality.

This particular model comes in a modest package. Nothing flashy, just a simple cardboard box with the components well protected and tucked in.

Besides the camera itself, you get a standard suction cup mount. It’s made out of plastic and feels quite cheep, not promising too much durability.

You get the power adapter for the car’s cigarette socket. It has a very long cable, but no secondary USB port for charging other devices. You also get a mini USB cable, that is very short, and a user’s manual.

The user’s manual is quite nice and easy for understanding, and it’s written in Chinese and English. All of the components are in black colour, but the camera has silver buttons and lens edge.

The camera’s design is simple. It is a good looking camera. It has a classic design, with its lens on the centre of the front side. The front side also has the speaker/microphone. On the sides there are various ports. The right side holds the micro SD memory card slot and the left side has the reset button and a mini HDMI port.

Most of the camera’s main function buttons and ports are on its top side, next to the mounting slot. There’s the two AV out ports, the mini USB port, and power and mode buttons.

The plastic really has a poor quality feel. It’s obviously where the manufacturers wanted to cut their expenses. It feels more like a cheap toy camera rather than a professional car gadget that is supposed to provide protection for you and your vehicle.

The menu control buttons are placed on the back side of the camera, on the sides of a large LCD display screen. They are quite large as well and easy to press, however they do not feel sturdy and durable.

The screen however is a nice surprise. Mostly these kinds of gadgets do not have this large of a display due to their compact design or some other reason. This 2.7 inch display screen does look pretty big and enables a clear and easy way of operating the camera and checking your video quality settings as you go.

The Mounting bracket slides in its slot in a strange way again not giving off a sense of reliability. The suction cup does stick nicely and the whole thing seems sturdy and stable enough.

The power cable is pretty lengthy and can reach around to your cigarette lighter socket any way you wish. If you stick the cam in a standard, default spot on the middle top point on your wind shield, behind the rear view mirror, you can go around your wind shield with the power cord, around and below the dashboard, and still have quite the amount of your cable left.

When you turn on the camera, the screen first displays the E-Prance logo and you can hear a sound confirmation of system boot.

The initial screen shows information on the recording time, current resolution size, if you have sound on or off, battery life, date/time, some camera mode indications, etc…

If you are starting it for the first time, you need to set the time and date, the next thing you want to do is put in your SD card, if you purchased one as an addition. You can purchase up to 32GB of additional memory space for this dash cam.

The options and settings are pretty simple and easy to navigate through.

You can change the resolution options between 1280x720p with 60fps and 1920x1080p at 30fps. You can also access other features and settings like the WDR (wide dynamic range) and the motion detection.

This camera has the standard features included. You have the loop recording option. If you do not know what this does, it divides your recordings into loops, which you can set the length by yourself. This makes reviewing your videos a lot easier, and the overwriting process much safer.

The camera overwrites its oldest footage first, once the memory is full, thus enabling the continuous recording process.

It also has the G-sensor feature, which is a must. G-sensor, or gravity sensor, detects impacts and sudden shifts in your car’s positioning to determine if the current recording is to be locked and protected against being overwritten, if that is detected your recording will be protected and not wiped off to record new content, you can delete this manually.

Motion detection is there for when your car is parked. It detects movement in your car’s vicinity and automatically turns on to make a recording.

General impression final judgement

This dash cam operates pretty well. The video quality is quite good, even at night. The detailing on the footage is high, as things like license plate numbers and street sign writings are visible. The sound quality is satisfactory, and all in all, this cam does function sufficiently.

The drawbacks and the expenditure cuts during production have obviously been made in the hardware section. The durability is questionable, and the mounting bracket holder seems like it’s not built for too much moving around. This camera’s life span is probably going to reach its longest time if the owners do not tinker with it too much, or at all for that matter.

The night and low light vision on this cam is pretty impressive, that much we have to admit.

All in all, this makes for a good way for the buyers to get protection for themselves and their cars at a low price, and with little worry about their investment returns. If you do not have the time and patience for searching for the right product for you, and just want an instant way of protection in traffic, this cam might be a good choice for you.

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