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  • It records in full 1080p HD video quality, with 30 fps. This is a sufficient option for every situation.
  • The camera looks beautiful and has a very pleasant design. The colouring is a combination of black, brown, and silver.
  • The buttons are organized so that you only need one hand to operate the camera, unlike many other cameras that require two hands at all times.
  • It has an above average 170° wide viewing angle, which is much more than we are used to from this class and price range.

The basics about the product:

Conbrov T90 ReviewThe Conbrov T90 is a car digital video recorder (DVR). It has received many positive reviews and is known to have a great low light performance. We are checking it out today and giving you our overview of its performance, price and quality.

It comes neatly packed, together with the suction cup that sticks to your wind shield nicely and has a good motion range, a power cord, and a short manual. The cable’s length is standard and should be enough for all ranges of vehicles. You can easily hide it anyway around your dashboard or steering wheel, with it reaching your cigarette port easily. It is important that your cable has some slack, so make sure it’s not too tight. You also get a USB cable and an 8GB micro SD card.

The camera itself looks really nice. It has a modern design, really sleek. The buttons are also really firm and easy to press, unlike most of the other cameras out there. They give the impression of longevity. The materials the dash cam is made of also seem pretty durable, and at the same time nice looking.

Upon instalment you can place the camera behind your rear view mirror, so it doesn’t always bother you and potentially draw your attention away from driving. The recording will start when you start the car, providing that the cable is plugged in your cigarette socket, and it will stop when you turn off the car.

As soon as you plug the camera in, the recording will start with the default features setting. Of course, you can set all of the features yourself. It has a lot of interesting and easily set and understood options.

All of this and the video recording are displayed in a large, 3 inch screen on the back of the Conbrov T90 dash cam. The camera can record without the sound of course, or if you choose you can record sound as well, it’s worth keeping in mind that recording with sound will also making the recordings bigger in size and they will take up more storage space on your media device.

The recording quality is very impressive and clear. We will delve into the cameras specifications:

Item Specifications

Brand Name: Conbrov
Full Product Name: Conbrov ® T90 H.264 1080p Full HD car dash camera
Lens: Fixed Focus, Full Glass
Lens Angle: 170°
Screen: 2.7inch 16:9 TFT LCD
Audio: Built-in high sensitivity speaker/microphone
External Memory: Micro SD card up to 64 GB
Video Format: MOV
Video Resolution:

  • 640x480p30
  • 848x480p30
  • 1280x720p30
  • 1920x1080p30

Photo Resolution: Max 12MP
FPS: 30
Battery: Built-in
Special Features:

  • Low Light Vision
  • Loop Recording
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Led Display
  • Motion Detection
  • Auto screen off
  • Auto Power off
  • Audio recording
  • WDR recording

Product Performance

This Conbrov T90 budget camera is performing quite nicely. Its high frame rate (30) allows you to capture details like street signs and even people’s faces clearly. You can also see pretty small writing on the signs or boards. The sound recording quality is also great.

You can, of course, set your desired video quality, and turn the audio recording on or off.

What really makes this camera shine though is its already famous night recording capabilities. It really has a superb low light vision, recording clear details even during the night. So, now you can be sure that you will have a clear video recording of your night driving.

It has a G-Sensor that detects impacts, automatically protecting and saving the current recording instantly.

The special features don’t end there. As with many of these products, there are various options:

Resolution, Record Audio (On or off), Loop Recording (1, 2, 3 minutes or off). You can set the Date stamp on your recording, and set the date and time for the unit itself, which is mandatory. You have the Automatic Power Off option (3, 5, 10 minutes or off), Language setting, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range On or off), Format, Screen Saver, etc…

This particular camera holder is good. The suction cup sticks nicely and is a good alternative. Some products have the magnetic one, but this works just fine.

This cameras virtue, of course, is its very attractive look. It has some really nice materials and shiny colors, and it really looks sleek and expensive, unlike most of the cameras that are usually plastic and black. It gives your car a kind of an expensive feeling.

Conbrov T90 Footage

Overall Assessment

Conbrov T90 dash cam is worth every penny. You will enjoy its looks, its performance, quality and options. It promises to last long and feels quite durable. It’s simple settings and easy to press buttons will save you a lot of pain and trouble and besides, you can just use the factory default settings. Just plug it in and go.

The only question is the pricing of the additional, bigger memory card, for the one that comes with the standard purchase could be small for you, depending on your needs.

We give this product an officially approved status!

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