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  • The camera operates with an Ambarella A7 chipset which is considered high tech and mostly seen in cameras in a higher quality range.
  • It has HD 1080p video quality that works nicely and the video quality looks great.
  • The cam has a sort of a conservative design. It looks like a plain photo camera, nothing over the top, just a simple tool serving its purpose.
  • One thing that really stands out though is the options menu, which is so well designed. IT again doesn’t look fancy, but it is extremely well organized and presented.

Conbrov T36 ReviewWelcome to our Conbrov T36 1080p HD Review. Let’s dive right in to our review and give you all the specifications as well as our own assessment of this product.

Car cameras are a necessity for any driver and for any type of vehicle. They are the most reliable witnesses in any scenario and can serve you well in proving your story. Recordings made by car cams are accepted by police and are admissible as evidence in any court. They can also serve in a number of different ways, depending on the situation. You can use them as security cameras (just position the cam in a way that you can reach a power source), and it is good to know that you can even take pretty decent pictures with them.

About the manufacturer

Conbrov is a well established camera manufacturer that had a couple of really nice car cams we’ve review already in the past. They are based on manufacturing home security cams and spy cams, and they even have wireless cameras in their arsenal.
Car cams by Conbrov are known to have a good design, a well rounded set of features and options, as well as affordable prices. Let’s see if this time around they live up to our expectations.

Specifications that stand out

  • Ambarella A7 H.264 chip
  • Crystal clear 1080p HD video
  • High quality Li-polymer 3.7v 500Mah built in battery
  • Nice and professional design
  • Very low power consumption

When you open the box, you’ll find the camera, the mount suction cup, a power cord for the cigarette socket, a short mini USB cable, manual, and an installation disc for the software.

The camera has a professional design and looks just like a regular photo cam, the only difference being that it is smaller. It, as well as all other parts, is in black colour.
The way the mount stand is designed gives the camera an unusually high freedom of movement. It is actually set up and positioned really easily. The power cable is lengthy enough so you can reach around your dash and plug it into the cigarette socket, while hiding it really well. This is provided you wish to mount it in the front wind shield. You can also mount in in the back of your car interior, or wherever.

The cam has an On/Off button, USB port, microphone, excellent optics, micro SD card slot, and control buttons. Those are the things you can see at first glance.

The buttons are really cool and don’t give off a strange feel when pressing them, which is a thing not seen often with these products. Many cams actually have an issue with the button design and durability. This time around, however, that seems not to be the case.

The screen is very large, compared to other similar products. It is a 3.0 inch TFT LCD 16:9 screen. Again, this is rarely the case, for similar products usually have a 2 inch screen, or smaller, so setting up options on this dash is really easy.

The options themselves are really simple and pretty straight forward.

There’s the resolution option that gives you a choice between 1920x1080p with 30 frames per second, and 1280x720p with also 30 fps. The quality of the picture is really good, no matter the resolution choice. Even at high speeds you are able to make out small details in the recordings, such as street signs, license plate numbers, or other writings.
Video format is MP4, and if you take photos with it, they will be 3 MP JPEG.

You can set the date and time stamp, set the record time loops (1, 2, or 3 minutes or off), mute microphone on/off.

Date and time setting is remembered and saved for one week without turning the camera on. If however you do not turn it on during that time, you’ll have to set it again.
Loop recording basically means the cam will record everything in loops (duration previously set) and when the memory fills up, it will overwrite the oldest loop excluding the eventually protected ones.

You have an option for your screen to automatically turn off, when you’re not directly using it, even while the cam records, to reduce power consumption.

Now, motion detection is a common feature with these cams, and it is really great because if set on, it will constantly monitor for movement near your cam, even when your car is turned off. If there is any movement near your car, the camera will turn on and record the events in place, saving the recorded video and marking it to prevent overwriting with new recordings later. This could also be used in your home, to guard your front door or your yard entrance. All you need is to have a power source and to mount your camera in a safe place. Movements such as leaves swaying in the wind are caught by the motion sensor and will trigger the cam on, so it is pretty sensitive.

G-Sensor is also a pretty standard feature. It detects sudden shifts in car stability, sudden movements and impacts, marking the current recording while any of these events are taking place, and again protecting them from being overwritten.

This particular camera has a very powerful file protection in case of a sudden power cut or any damage to the camera.

It has a six glass lens with a 160 degree wide angle cover. That is quite a bit, comparing to some other even more expensive cameras.

The Ambarella A7 system-on-chip is very powerful and quite high tech. It has a high speed 500 mega pixels per second capture, high dynamic range (HDR) processing, and generally excellent picture quality support. The A7LA30 series is well known and one of the more popular Ambarella issues.
The maximum external memory card it supports is 32 GB, which is pretty standard. You can format the card from the options menu in the camera.
The light sensor is CMOS 1/3’’ and low light/night recording works fine.

Conbrov T36 Footage:

Our test results:

The video quality is sufficient, but considering the price it is really too bad it doesn’t have 1296p resolution option, and further more it doesn’t have any 60 FPS recording options. The cam performs well though, doing its job quite nicely.

The options are a bit steep, and there are some nice features missing, that can be found at some other cameras in similar price range or even cheaper, but we felt this model tried to emphasize the basic quality of the hardware. And, we think they did a great job with that. The high positioning rage, the quality buttons and controls, the wide angle… Those are all things we must factor in our final assessment.

A small but useful note to our readers would be that if you would use this dash cam as a regular video camera or a security camera, you can do so by simply only using a power bank. The low power consumption can really shine in that case, and you can have both a car security camera and a plain video camera for your Holliday for instance.
The camera costs somewhere in the 80 or 90 bucks level, which we feel is kind of pricey for these performances, but again the biggest factor against this is the high end tech and the durability.
In the end we concluded that this is a well rounded product, that barely has any flaws or holes in its specification list or performance, and we’ve decided to recommend it highly to everyone.

Well, there you have it folks. Hope you enjoyed our Conbrov T36 review and that it will help you make an informed decision concerning this product. For more dash cam reviews and information, stay tuned and come back any time!

Drive safely and we’ll see ya next time!

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