Best Nextbase Dash Cam


Nextbase are a company based in the United Kingdom, they set the standards when it comes to quality dash cams, insurers recognize this and major brands such as Swift Cover offer a 12.5% reduction on your insurance plan if you use a Nextbase Dash Cam.

Best Nextbase Dash Cam

Car dash cams weren’t always so popular. In fact, they’ve only recently become a trend in Europe and America over the past few years, before that they were mostly sold in the Asian and Russian markets.

A few of their models quickly became the most popular dash cam models in the U.K and they have kept this impressive tradition even today.

They’ve won numerous awards including the ‘Sunday Times Best Buy’ for value and a Best buy by Which? Cars.

So, we can sum this up by saying Nextbase are well ahead of its time, when it came to introducing dash cams to the European market.

Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
Nextbase Duo499 Grams9.5Check Prices
Nextbase 312GW440 Grams9.0Check Prices
Nextbase 402G762 Grams8.5Check Prices
Nextbase 512G558 Grams8.5Check Prices
Nextbase 212 Lite340 Grams8.0Check Prices

1) Nextbase Duo


  • Dual camera (front and rear)
  • Large 2″ display
  • Great, compact design
  • Easy to access


  • Both cameras are 720P
  • No motion detection

Nextbase Duo

This model was really innovative when it came out in 2015. It still remains a very recognizable camera design today. It has easily received the Auto Express Editor’s Choice of that year, but also the Sunday Times Driving Best Buy.

The cameras unique design consisted of the fact that it is a duo camera, but both its lenses are attached to the same body.

The camera solved this problem rather efficiently. Instead of having to deal with two separate cameras, separate instalments, and a bunch of cables, this model simply requires you to position it correctly, in the top middle spot on your front wind shield, and then just turn one lens forward and other backwards, or wherever you need it to record.

The rear lens captures your car’s rear view quite exceptionally actually, but it can simultaneously serve as a inner cam, or what is popularly called ‘taxi cam’. The sound here is very important and Nextbase Duo does the job quite adequately.

The 2’’ display screen is a bit smaller than this brand’s other models possess, but it is made so undoubtedly to fit all these functions together, and it is absolutely sufficient. Even when you take into consideration the fact that you get both camera views in one display, as a split screen for reviewing.

Other standard car camera functions are naturally covered. Stuff like G-sensor and loop recording are a must.

One drawback is that this cam’s both lenses capture video at the highest rate of 720p, which is a bit smaller than other models, but is does the job.

2) Nextbase 312GW


  • Large 2.7″ display
  • The footage is extremely clear
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and durable design


  • No motion censor

Nextbase 312GW

Here we have the Sun motors Best Buy awarded 5 star rating dash cam.

Nextbase has continued its tradition of putting together the highest quality with the most affordable prices there are.

The camera has a lovely, sleek design. It is in black colour with some silver decorations.

The mounting method is pretty advanced too. The cam gets its power and GPS signal through the mounting bracket.

The rear side holds a large 2.7’’ LED display screen that allows for easy reviewing while on the road.

And, furthermore, the buttons are so well organized on the sides of the screen, that this camera might even have one of the easiest accessibility methods ever. The only drawback with buttons like these is that they require both thumbs, or more precisely, both hands to operate, so no driving and tinkering.

There is a variation that comes in a white colour, which also looks quite beautiful.

As far as the performance goes, this cam has built in Wi-Fi signal, so it has its own network. You can easily connect it with your other gadgets, like smart phone and such. This makes reviewing your material and uploading it even easier.

The lens has a 140° capability, which is a bit modest, but it does the job decently.

The cam possesses all the usual stuff, like the G-sensor, loop recording, etc…

The resolution capability is full HD 1080p, which makes great footage even in low light mode.

The final conclusion is that this cam has definitely justified its place at the top.

3) Nextbase 402G


  • Large 2.7″, 16:9 display
  • Full 1080P HD
  • GPS
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)


  • No motion censor


Another camera with its focus on functionality and quality of features, rather than its design, the Nextbase 402G is designed very plainly, but offers a well rounded array of high functioning features.

It has won the Best Buy Dash Cam award from, Auto Express Best Buy for 2016 and also the Best Buy from ‘Which?.’ Perhaps the highly decorated dash cam out there, the Nextbase 402G is definitely the highest rated dash cam in the U.K.

It has a large 2.7’’ display LED screen with a 16:9 aspect that makes reviewing your videos on the road very easy.

A two set of three buttons is placed on both sides of the screen. The buttons are very durable and inspire confidence.

However, as mentioned before, the focus of this cam is its functions and features.

It has 1080p resolution capability paired with the WDR (wide dynamic range) that produces a highly realistic, crystal clear footage.

Taking all of its pros and cons into consideration, and especially its price, it is no surprise this cam received so many awards and positive reviews. It is highly recommended.

4) Nextbase 512G


  • Full HD 1080P
  • High end mounting bracket
  • GPS
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)


  • The design isn’t that great
  • USB Cable is short


This model 512G has been awarded with the Auto Express 2016 Best Buy.

It has a very compact and functional design, simplistic to say so.

It looks like a classic photo cam, with a large 2.7’’ LED display screen on its rear side. 6 large and easy to press buttons are planted, 3 on each side of the screen, giving the user easy access and clear idea of how the video will look like.

The resolution capability is 1080p FULL high definition, and the cam also has WDR (wide dynamic range) to improve its quality.

It possesses the usual features any car camera should, like the G-sensor, loop recording, etc…

But this particular model boasts with the high end quality, advanced Sony Exmor sensor that provides the ultimate picture quality.

The model is highly affordable, given the capability of its features and functions.

5) Nextbase 212 Lite


  • Large 2.7″ display
  • Super slim, compact design
  • Low power usage
  • Full HD 108p


  • No motion detection


A highly compact and economical choice for those buyers looking to save a bit more money and energy in their gadget, this model is designed especially for that.

It is a bit smaller than the average Nextbase model, designed to bring all standard features of other bestselling models, but at a lower cost in a smaller package.

Its lens has a 140° viewing capability, which is lower than average, but is decent enough. The large 2.7’’ display screen still fits even at this smaller size model.

The compact design however had its price. The buttons are organized differently than on the other larger models. They are located beneath the LED screen, and are much smaller and that much more difficult to find and press. Operating this gadget during driving is not recommended at all.

Besides that, everything else seems to be in order. The cam has standard dash cam features, like the G-sensor and the loop recording. IT has a high quality lens, and a 1080p resolution capability.

The focus on this model was also power saving, which is well beneath the normal rate for a car camera, so if you are looking for a more economical solution for your car, this is definitely it.


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