Best KEHAN Dash Cam


KEHAN is a camera manufacturer from the U.S. The company’s headquarters are in California, but they also have a branch in China, under the name E-Song Digital Technology.

So, they are in the business of making various electronic gadgets, but their main focus are car cameras, IP cameras, wearable cameras, and accessories.

Best KEHAN Dash Cam

The company has been established since 2004, which is a very early start. Car cameras didn’t become popular until around 2010, and mostly in Russia. So not only does this company have a long lasting and successful tradition, it also had vision back in the day.

Today, they have about 100 independent patents, in all fields of their focus, and they also have some very impressive car dash cam models on the market.

It is an important thing to note that they collaborate with Ambarella, which is the global leader in high-end video chip set manufacturing, which only serves to give KEHAN even more credit.

Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
KEHAN K900N/A9.5Check Prices
KEHAN C821N522 Grams9.5Check Prices
Kehan Super HD476 Grams9.5Check Prices
KEHAN C819N670 Grams9.0Check Prices
KEHAN K300621 Grams7.5Check Prices

1) KEHAN K900


  • 2560x1080p and 2304x1296p resolution capabilities
  • An incredibly large 3’’ display screen
  • 175° viewing angle
  • Ambarella A7 chipset
  • Sturdy and functional camera body


  • Modest design


This is another model from KEHAN that tried and succeeded to bring us functionality, high tech features, and an affordable price all in one. The logical option all manufacturers are trying to achieve this is to cut their expenses when it comes to design, so this dash cam has a plain camera look in nice shades of silver and grey.

The mounting bracket is sturdy and feels durable, unlike most of the models we encounter.

The back side of the dash cam is entirely covered with an impressively large 3″ screen, with the buttons placed on the bottom side of the dash  cam. The buttons have their indicators placed on the cam’s rear side, under the screen, so you can conveniently see the functions. This is a detail some manufacturers miss.

As far as the functionality and feature section goes, this cam is pretty well equipped.

It can achieve up to 2560x1080p and 2304x1296p resolution capabilities.

The viewing angle is an incredible 175°. This is quite rare, with most cameras coming up with about 140-150°.

Other standard features are covered of course. Stuff like the G-sensor and loop recording, but also the motion sensor which is a nice addition. If you take into the account that this cam operates with an Ambarella A7 chipset, then it becomes clear that this is a well rounded affordable car dash cam, with little or no bad sides.

2) KEHAN C821N


  • Motion Detection
  • Large 2.4″ Display
  • High end Novatek 96650 chipset
  • Affordable price
  • Durable hardware


  • None


This particular model is an almost high end class type dash cam. It possesses some impressive features, and has a unique design.

C821N has a highly durable and nice looking body, in black colour with some silver details.

The rear of the camera holds a large 2.7’’ display screen, which is well above average size. There are 6 control buttons on either sides of the screen, 3 on each one. They are of decent size and easy to press, so this can does have easy access.

The mounting bracket, although using a suction cup method, is again much more advanced than the average one. The joints are quite durable and reinforced, and the camera holder inspired confidence. The bracket holds the power and GPS sockets.

The camera has all the standard camera features, like G-sensor and loop recording, but it also has Motion Detection, night vision, and a parking protection. This is something not all cameras in this range have, in fact it is quite rare and welcomed by all drivers.

The resolution capability is 1080p full HD, and that paired with the Novatek 96650 chipset makes for perfect video processing.

3) Kehan Super HD


  • Super HD 2304x1296p resolution capability
  • An incredible 175° viewing angle
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • A large 3’’ display screen
  • Nicely organized buttons


  • Modest design

Kehan Super HD

This particular model is constructed with functionality in focus, and really its design says that. This dash cam has no unnecessary styling or expensive decorations. It just looks like a plain camera, but in a nice shade of silver.

It is quite thin, with its rear side covered with an impressively large 3’’ display screen. The buttons are positioned on the bottom side of the camera and are easy to use with only one thumb, as opposed to most other models that require both at the same time and there are also indicators of the button’s functions that are facing the user. So, you can easily know what you are pressing and find your way around in the options.

The cam has a well rounded functional feature setup. It is powered by an Ambarella A7 processor, and it’s got the usual 6 glass lens plus one additional IR.

The resolution capability is incredible and well above average. It can go up to 2304 x 1296p Super HD, which is just amazing for this price range.

The viewing angle is 175°, which is again quite well above average, and will give your recordings the entirety of what the driver sees.

Other standard features are naturally included, stuff like the G-sensor and loop recording, but the best part about this cam probably is that is comes with a 64 GB SD memory card.

To round up its features, the cam possesses even the motion detection feature, making it a very high ranking choice.

4) KEHAN C819N


  • 1080p full HD resolution
  • 7’’ display screen
  • SOS button
  • 12M photo quality


  • No motion detection


This is a beautifully designed, compact and sleek model. KEHAN really seems to have hit the spot with this model’s appearance. This is a truly rarely seen design and colouring, as far as the dash cams go.

The camera body also feels quite durable and sturdy. The rear side holds a large 2.7’’ display screen, which is well above average size. The buttons are positioned on both sides of the screen in threes.

The resolution capability is full HD 1080p, and the cam also possesses a GPS logger. The video quality is further aided by the HDR feature (high dynamic range) and the Novatek 96650 chipset.

The photo quality is 12M, but the cam also has sequence mode, and a highly sought after – anti-shaking mode.

All the standard features are also covered. We have the G-sensor and loop recording features naturally and also the SOS button, and up to 64GB memory card capacity. The memory card is not included though.

5) KEHAN K300


  • 1080p resolution
  • 4’’ display screen
  • Sensor buttons
  • Motion Detection


  • Modest design
  • Weak looking mounting bracket


A very sleek and technically advanced camera, the K300 is probably one of the first car cameras to employ sensor buttons technology.

Its design is actually a bit modest to be honest. The front side is covered by eco leather and doesn’t look expensive, to say so. But, the rear side holds an impressively large 4’’ display screen, with sensor buttons on the side.

The mounting bracket is also quite modest. It is just a plain bracket with thin joints, kind of like the average camera has.

Now, the camera does have a full HD 1080p capability, with nice night vision, but its lens is only 120° which is a lot below average.

This camera is giving us a lot of mixed emotions and opinions, so we would sum it all up by saying it is an average model that could be useful to someone who likes a big display screen and sensor buttons for easy access on the road.

The sensor buttons can also be viewed as a weakness, if they are prone to malfunction, but there is no way of knowing that without more information.

It also has motion detection, which is a plus and all of the standard features like the G-sensor and loop recording.


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