Best High End Dash Cam


Best High End Dash Cam

High end dash cams are always justifying their value by demonstrating an impressive union between incredibly smart and innovative design, high tech hardware, and top class performance. It can be assumed that high end cams will always have high tech state of the art hardware, such as the latest in video processing and lens technology.

They also have a smart way of optimizing its work load. High end manufacturers focus a lot more on making their products professional and build them up towards a specific purpose, as opposed to cheap dash cams and mid-range dash cams.

They all consider the driving of your vehicles as their top priority, and so they focus their products for their sole purpose – recording your driving and saving important parts of it.

Their design is also much more advanced and practical. They are stealthy, fit better in various places, easier to handle, easier to set up and are more durable.

Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
Vantrue N2454 Grams9.5Check Prices
Stoga S300 1080P780 Grams9.0Check Prices
Blackvue DR650GW-2CH621 Grams9.0Check Prices
Silent Witness SW005499 Grams9.0Check Prices
RoadHawk DC-2703 Grams7.5Check Prices

1) Vantrue N2


  • Front and rear cameras
  • Massive viewing angle 310° total
  • Durable and compact
  • Motion Detection


  • Display Screen is a little small

Vantrue N2 ReviewThis particular model is a dual camera, so it can record front and back. In this case, both lenses are attached to the same body, so the camera doesn’t need any special mounting treatment. You just stick it to the standard top middle spot on the wind shield, and both lenses are automatically positioned as they should be.

The camera is shaped like a cylinder, but with flat surfaces instead of round ones and they form an octagon. The front camera is in the middle of the front surface of the octagon, and the rear cam is on the side opposite to the front, but placed to the far right end.

The part of the body holding the rear lens can rotate top and bottom for a 120° in total, giving you further options.

As far as the lenses themselves go, the frontal viewing angle is 170° and the rear is 140°. This makes for 310° in total coverage, which is impressive.

The front cam records videos in 1080p quality, while the rear can only do 720p but it can serve as a rear cam and a ‘taxi cam’, what is the popular term for a car camera that records the inside of your car. The sound recording is important here, and N2 model delivers accordingly.

The rear side also holds a small 1.5’’ display screen, which is below average. The reason for this is no doubt to make it fit better into the whole compact design.

The camera has all the standard features. Besides the G-sensor and loop recording, it also has two parking modes – motion detection and time lapse.

Both parking modes only work for the front cam though.

2) Stoga S300 1080P


  • Nice Design
  • High Tech
  • Large Display Screen
  • Heat Resistant
  • Superb Image Quality


  • No Motion Detection

Stoga S300 1080P AmazonThe unique and futuristic design of this camera really makes it stand out, even at first glance. It looks like something that came out of a sci-fi movie.

Stoga may not be the most famous manufacturer, but this S300 model can often be found at the very top of retailers websites and is a best seller worldwide.

This is another a dual high end camera, that comes in a package containing the usual items: the car cigarette socked power cord, a suction cup mounting bracket, a micro USB cable, and the user’s guide. All of the listed components are in black colour, and they are neatly packed.

This camera has both its front and rear lenses attached to one body, one facing front and the other fear. For this reason, when mounting it, you can’t position it directly behind the rear view mirror, you need to put it a little bit to the side, so the rear cam’s vision is not obstructed.

The viewing angle is 170° wide, which is impressive, and the lenses are both composed out of 6 glasses with 1 additional infra-red filter.

This camera’s design makes it resemble a modern mini gaming console. The back side has a large 2.7 inch display screen, and the control buttons are placed on both its sides. Then pressing them with your thumbs, you really do feel like you are holding a mini gaming console.

The way that the system manages footage from both cameras is that it plays them in a ‘picture in picture’ style on the display screen. The rear dash cam cam footage is in the top left part of the screen, and the rest is the main video. This can be changed of course. When reviewing your recordings, they will be marked with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’. ‘A’ marks the front while the ‘B’ marks the rear view recording.

Since this cam is a front and rear dash cam, you’ll probably want to increase its default memory capacity. You can get up to a 32GB memory card.

This cam is fairly easy to use. The options are pretty standard. It has all the usual stuff like the G-sensor and Loop recording. Its hardware is impressive, and it really feels sturdy and durable, when held in hands.

Its recordings are all crystal clear and pretty advanced. The detailing is incredible and night vision is unparalleled. The rear view camera records details far behind your car, even if it is positioned on the front wind shield. The lens capabilities are really high on this dash cam.

Setting up is also quite easy. You can set up all of the features manually, or you can simply leave it as default and just plug and go. These kinds of cameras are known to last a long time, perform admirably, and are definitely worthy of such a high praise.

3) Blackvue DR650GW-2CH


  • Comes with a Front and Rear Dash Cam
  • High Tech Processor
  • Sensitive Sensors
  • Built in Wifi
  • Motion Detection


  • No Screen
  • Can’t take pictures

Blackvue DR650GW AmazonThis is a very well known brand from Korea. Founded in 2007, they quickly rose to become one of the top manufacturers. This particular model is a dual camera (front and rear) and is counted amongst the high end class, as well as our top 5 choices.

With the standard purchase you will get the front and rear dash cams, a 12-24w car cigarette socket power cord, some extra adhesive clips for the cable, a short mini USB cable, a coaxial power cable for the rear cam, a rich user’s manual, and a USB memory card reader. The user’s manual here is easily one of the most descriptive we’ve ever seen. All of the components are in black colour.

In the box you can find an FCC approval indication (Federal Communications Commission).

Looking at the cameras, they do look pretty good and sleek. The front one is a bit bigger than the rear one. They both look like sniper scopes, only they are not made to be pointing the direction they are filming. This is done so because of the rotating and positioning. The mounting bracket is very small and is actually part of the camera. It sticks easily and holds the camera in such a way that it can rotate 360° freely and easily. Both the front and rear are designed like this.

They also do not have a display screen, and actually have very little controls or buttons.

The setup is done via your CPU, and the cameras are not designed to be tampered with during working (driving). The software you’ll need for this can be downloaded from their official site and is very easy to use. It allows the user to review the saved (locked) recordings, change any options or camera settings, and much more.

You will also have an option of operating and tweaking the camera’s options via your smart phone, with an official app.

Installation of the cameras is quite simple. The back camera is powered by the coaxial cable that is plugged in the front cam. It can easily be hidden in a number of ways in your car interior. The extra adhesive clips will take care of that.

As, far as the performance goes, this camera is really quite impressive. It provides no distraction what so ever. It is practically invisible and unnoticeable while installed properly in your car. The best positions are, of course, behind the wind shield, and the same top centre point on the back wind shield for the rear cam.

The recording quality is incredible and impressive. This night vision quality is not seen very often. The high tech hardware processor provides quality video processing, and everything is well rounded with standard must-have camera features, such as the loop recording and G-sensor features.

If you’re not familiar with these basic car dash camera features, G-sensor detects impacts and sudden shifts in your car’s positioning and speed, and then locks the current recording from being overwritten by the system.

4) Silent Witness SW005


  • Beautiful design
  • Advanced mounting bracket
  • Clever perks all around
  • 3 inch large viewing screen
  • 170° lens


  • Colour makes it stand out when viewed from outside

Silent Witness SW005 Amazon

This camera is a spectacularly designed, beautiful looking gadget that has high end features.

Silent Witness is a CCTV, vehicle dash cam, and telematics manufacturer from the U.K. They are really emphasizing the research and development side of the production, and are really coming up with excellent results.

This model SW005 looks amazing, its beauty matched only by its quality hardware.

All of the camera’s components are in white colour, same as the camera itself, and they come neatly packed. The contents of the package is: the camera, a long power cord for your car’s cigarette socket, mini USB, suction cup mounting bracket, an 8 GB micro SD memory card with an adapter, and a CD containing the necessary software needed to set-up and navigate the options.

The pure white colour is incredible and makes the camera stand out. Its design, however, is not the best thing it has to offer. This camera has some pretty smart solutions, for both hardware and software aspects.

Firstly, the mounting bracket’s suction cup sticks incredibly well with the help of the quick release handle. Once you stick if and turn it, it sucks the air out and sticks the camera quite firmly. The best position is the standard centre top part of the wind shield. The power cable can be easily hidden and still reach around to the socket.

The buttons feel incredibly nice and sturdy. They are providing a satisfactory feeling and inspire confidence in their durability, which is really quite rare.

The entire camera body is high quality.

The back side holds a huge 3 inch display screen, that is bigger than average by far. The buttons are on both its sides, and checking your video settings is really easy.

You get an 8GB card included in the standard purchase, but if you desire so you can get up to a 64GB one.

The lens provides a 170° viewing angle capability, which means you will practically have an overview of your car’s entire front side, side walk to side walk.

The options are following the hardware quality level, and provide you the standard feature like the loop recording, G-sensor, and GPS.

The camera has a motion detection feature, which is rarely seen and most welcome. Motion detection sensor detects movement near your car and turns on automatically when that happens, to make a recording of the things transpiring.

The resolution options are wide, and they are: 1080p HDR, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p with 60 fps, and 720p with 30 fps. If you are using the included 8GB card, you best avoid the really big quality picture.

With all this in mind, this camera’s performance is truly admirable. It almost has no flaws and it if a perfect balance between the price and the quality. Whoever is looking for a safe investment into something that will last, this camera might be the right choice.

5) RoadHawk DC-2


  • Heat Resistant
  • Large memory capacity
  • Very easy to install


  • No Screen
  • No motion detection

RoadHawk DC-2 AmazonAnother unique, high end camera that stands out right from the start and has some very unusual features, as it follows the more and more popular policy of making car cameras.

RoadHawk is a car dashboard camera manufacturer stationed in China. They also follow the ‘no distraction’ idea, and often make their cameras without a display screen and stealthy.

This particular model, DC-2, has a military style design. It is built to be a professional tool that needs little tampering or help from the driver to do its job.

Manufacturers that share this attitude towards making car cameras believe that if the camera has a display screen, you will definitely be tempted to peek or set something up, and thus – it doesn’t have it.

It looks like futuristic binoculars, all flat and wide, with a rectangular shape. It is made out of plastic, but it feels really high quality and durability is guaranteed with this one. The cam is light and compact, which is nice for installing it more easily and mowing it around.

The standard purchase brings you the camera itself, a car cigarette socket power cord, additional adhesive pins for hiding the cable, an 8GB micro SD memory card and the card reader, two 3M sticking mounting brackets, the software for the set-up, and the instructions manual. The camera is in grey/black colour and the rest of the components are in pure black.

The two mounting brackets are really handy. You can stick them in different places and then switch the camera easily between them, provided the power cord can reach them.

The first mount is meant for the standard, behind the rear view mirror installation, and the other one was designed for vertical installation.

The software that is used to set-up the camera is really pretty neat. You will get a specific program that enables you to review and run your recordings and set your camera’s options. You are also able to format your memory card there, arrange your loop recordings, view the GPS info, check your vehicle speeds, the G-sensor mete, everything. All options are quite simple and easy to understand.

The special feature this camera has is the digital picture stabilization. It stabilizes and greatly enhances the video quality. RoadHawk DC-2 also has standard features, like G-sensor and loop recording.

It performs really well with its max resolution of 1920x1080p (30fps). The view angle is 130°, which is sufficient, and when you factor in the high end Ambarella A5 processor, it all really promises a good performance. The night vision and low light vision recordings are also unlike most we’ve seen. The detailing is incredible, the numbers and the writing are clear and visible even at larger distances.

The maximum sized micro SD card is 128GB.

This camera really puts many standard and rare features together and it packs them in a quality high end package well worth its price, which can by the way be found at incredibly low and discounted amounts.



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