Best Front and Rear Dash Cam


Looking for protection from more than one end? Having a front and rear dash cam can provide that, in most cases you’ll have protection up to 280 degrees.

Best Front and Rear Dash cam

Most of the cameras in this product range offer most of the features you’ll find on high end dash cams as most of them fit that category, below you’ll find our personal list of the best front and rear dash cams.

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Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
Stoga M9s780 Grams9.5Check Prices
BlackVue DR650S-2CH621 Grams9.0Check Prices
Falcon Zero F-360 HD703 Grams8.0Check Prices
Nextbase Duo 499 Grams8.0Check Prices
Vantrue N2454 Grams7.5Check Prices

1) Stoga M9s


  • High tech chip set
  • Large display screen
  • Crystal clear high quality recording
  • Motion detection
  • Large 170° viewing angle on the front, 140° on the back


  • Weak buttons

Stoga M9s Amazon

Next up is the Stoga M9s front and rear cam.

This manufacturer is often seen on the market and always stands out with the innovative designs and features.

The package contains: the two cameras, a car cigarette socket charger, a suction cup mounting bracket, and a user’s guide.

The design of the front, main cam is nice. It is in nice silver colour with flashy looks. The front side has a huge 6 glass lens and the back side is entirely taken up by the 3.0 inch screen, which is really high above the average.

The buttons are on the bottom side of the cam, and are a bit tricky to operate, since the indicators are on the buttons, and you can’t really see them unless you constantly peek down. The buttons are also a bit shady and do not inspire confidence with their durability.

The rear cam is shaped like a cylinder and it is mounted easily anywhere really.

The hardware on this unit is quite impressive though. Both lenses have a 140° angle. The chip set is compiled out of both Novatek 9663 and two SONY IMX322 processors.

The performance is incredibly clear and high quality. All features function well.

You have all the standard stuff: G-sensor, loop recording, GPS, FCWS (Forward collision warning system), LDWS (lane departure warning system), and more…

2) Blackvue DR650GW-2CH


  • High tech and durable
  • No driver distractions
  • Wi-Fi tech
  • Motion detection
  • Event sensor


  • No screen
  • Can’t take pictures

Blackvue DR650GW Amazon

Blackvue is a well known brand amongst car camera manufacturers. They come from Korea and were founded in 2007 and they are now one of the biggest car camera manufacturers in the world.

This purchase brings you the two cameras, a 12-24W power adaptor for your car’s cigarette socket (long cable), a micro USB cable (short), extra adhesives and cable clips, a long coaxial cable to power the rear camera, a descriptive user’s guide, and a USB micro memory card reader for your CPU.

The user’s guide is one of the longest we’ve seen so far and the camera is FCC approved (Federal Communications Commission). All components are in black.

Both cameras are good looking. They are designed like sniper scopes, the rear one is a bit smaller than the front one. The only difference is that they should not be pointed like scopes (top of the cylinder forward), but they should be pointed to the side, because the lens is on the round side. This allows for 360° rotating and various positioning forms.

The rear cam connects to the front one, and the front to the power, and thus both cameras are powered. They mount easily with sticker brackets, and cable clips allow you to hide the cables well.
The recording video’s quality is impressive, the detailing is crystal clear.

What makes this cam a bit different is that there is no display screen on any of them, so all settings are done via the software from your CPU.

3) Falcon Zero F-360 HD


  • Two 360° rotating cameras
  • Large 3.5’’ screen
  • SD card included
  • Covers 240° view angle in any given time


  • No motion detection
  • No G-sensor

Falcon Zero F-360 HD AMazon

This camera is unique in both its design and mounting method, it mounts on to your rear view mirror and replaces it. WE think of it as a tweaked and enhanced version of it.

Falcon Zero is a pretty known and respectable firm. Their motto is “True protection is a reliable witness”. They are relatively young, established in 2012, but already they’ve made a name for themselves in the camera business. They are based in the U.S.A.

The standard purchase brings you: the camera, a micro SD memory card and an adapter for it, a cigarette socket power cord, a micro USB cable, and bonus cable clips for hiding the cable.

All of the components listed are in black.

The design and the functionality of this camera are unique, as it mounts on to your rear view mirror. Your rear view mirror will stay where it is, meaning the camera doesn’t fully replace it. It just uses it as a mount.

There are two lenses attached to the camera, both 360° rotatable. They both cover 120° each, so that’s 240° covered at any given moment.

It in turn gives you an upgraded version of your rear view mirror. It is about the same shape as the mirror, only bigger, and it also has a large reflective surface. You can see in it as well as in your own rear view mirror, only slightly darker. In the middle of the reflective surface is the camera’s display.

It has some standard features, like G-sensor, loop recording, etc…

The camera cannot take still photos however, but otherwise performs admirably.

4) Nextbase Duo


  • Good night vision
  • 280° coverage at all times
  • GPS speed and positioning info


  • No motion detection
  • Only 720p (30fps) resolution quality

Nextbase Duo Amazon

Next up is a Nextbase Duo car dashboard camera, that has two lenses, front and rear, but the unusual thing is that they are both attached to one camera body.

Nextbase is a manufacturer from the U.K. They have a couple of interesting models that all stand out with their design and innovative ideas. Their cameras even won a couple of prestige magazines awards.

When purchasing this model, it will come in a fancy box, together with a car wind shield GPS mount, a car cigarette socket charger, a micro USB cable, power converter cable, quick start guide, user’s guide and the software disc. All of the components are in black.

The camera is shaped like a rectangle, and the lenses are on the left and right ends, in cylindrically shaped holders. Both of them can rotate for 180°, so you can cover all sides, and they have 140° viewing angle each, so that’s 280° covered at any given time.

Both cameras record at a 720p quality, which is a bit lower than usual, but it is sufficient for most occasions. You can make out the detailing, such as license plates and street signs.

The camera mounts easily, has a 2.0’’ display screen. Pretty understandable options, and the standard features, like: G-sensor, loop recording, etc…

5) Vantrue N2


  • Excellent video recording quality for both cams
  • 170° viewing angle
  • Two Parking Modes


  • Display Screen is a little small

Vantrue N2 Review

This N2 model seems to best belong to a middle range class, judging by how well its features are rounded up to support the dual camera function.

Its body is shaped like a cylinder, but instead of having round sides, they are flat and shape an octagon. The front lens is on the middle of one such side, and the rear lens, along with a small 1.5’’ display screen is on the back side.

All these mentioned parts are located on these flat sides of the octagon. The buttons are placed on the bottom side, with their indicators just beneath the screen, and other ports and buttons are spread all over the cam.

The cam is entirely in black colour.

The front camera captures video in a 1080p resolution capability, while the rear captures it in 720p, at 30fps.

The frontal viewing angle is 170°, while the rear cam’s viewing angle is 140°. This makes for an incredible coverage of the space around and inside of your car.

The camera possesses all the standard stuff, like the G-sensor and loop recording, but it also has dual parking modes: motion detection and time lapse feature.

To round up its high quality reputation, N2 model has a sturdy and durable body, with a good mounting bracket that also promises long life. Taking all of this and its price into consideration, Vanture N2 is highly recommended.

That concludes our best front and rear dash cam round up, if you have any questions feel free to contact us via the contact page which can be found here.


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