Best Dash Cam Under £100

Welcome to Dash Cam Reviews, we have rounded up what we think are the best dash cams you can pick up for under £100

Best Dash Cams Under £100

Note: If you are new to dash cams you might want to take a look at our dash cam guide so you know what every thing means.

At this price range dash cams sit between high end and lower end devices, that means you’re still going to get a great product with excellent video and some top features you’ll find on high end dash cams, we’ve picked up the best of the best in this price range and I’m sure you’ll find something that fits what you need.

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Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
SmarTure B200 1296P381 Grams9.5Check Prices
APEMAN Super HD 1296P281 Grams9.5Check Prices
Conbrov T36458 Grams9.0Check Prices
Toguard Super HD 1296P358 Grams7.0Check Prices
LYNEC DC15454 Grams6.5Check Prices

1) SmarTure B200 1296P


  • Excellent chipset
  • Extremely reliable
  • Lots of resolution options
  • Great features


  • Weak buttons
  • Low viewing angle

SmarTure B200 1296P Amazon

SmarTure is a renowned manufacturer and well known to anyone new to the market. The company’s name is a combination of two words – Smart and Future. Their seat is in China, and they mostly target the U.S. and the Canadian market.

In the standard package, you’ll get: The camera itself, a suction cup mounting bracket, a car cigarette socket charger cable (long), a micro USB cable (short), a user’s guide, and sticky clips for the cable.

All of the components are in black.

The cable is lengthy so you can run it anyway you want and hide it successfully with the additional clips.

The camera has a kind of a cube like design, small and compact, fitting nicely anywhere. But the best spot is of course behind the rear view mirror.

The back side has a 2.4 inch screen, and four buttons below. The buttons are a bit toy like. They are plastic and do not inspire durability.

The processor is high tech Ambarella A7LA50, which is definitely a virtue.

The resolution options are numerous. You can choose between: 2560x1080p at 30fps, 2304x1296p at 30fps, 1920x1080p at 30fps, HRD 1920x1080p at 30fps, and 1280x720p at 60fps.
You also have the HDR (high dynamic range) and the WDR (wide dynamic range).

The camera also has LDWS, or the lane departure warning system, that warns the driver any time you depart from your lane with a beeping sound. It also has a FCWS (forward collision warning system) that detects the speeds of your car and the car in front, and beeps if the collision is eminent.

It also has motion detection, G-sensor, and loop recording features.

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2) APEMAN Super HD 1296P


  • High-tech processor
  • Super high resolution
  • Easy angle positioning
  • ADAS (Automatic Driver Assist System)


  • Buttons are quite weak and toy like

APEMAN Super HD 1296P Amazon

The Apeman Super HD 1296p comes together with a mini USB cable, a power cord with a cigarette socked adapter, the wind shield suction cup mount bracket, a mini DC Rom with the software for the settings, and the user’s manual.

All of the components are in black colour.

The design is compact and light, as it is noticed at first glance. The thing not noticed at first sight is that the cigarette socked adaptor has two USB ports, which means your camera can be plugged in all the time and you can additionally charge or power some other device at the same time.

The back side of the camera has a large 2.4 inch display screen and four buttons under it. The buttons are a bit tough to press and feel toy like. They do not promise durability.

The cam has many nice features, like the ADAS (advanced driver assist system). The ADAS consists of the lane departure warning system, where using the GPS info your system tracks your lane departure down and warns you with a beeping sound. The same thing happens with the forward collision warning system, which also makes the ADAS. The system detects the speeds of you and the car in front, and it the collision is eminent, you get a beep.

The resolution is great and the camera performs nicely. It has multiple options between 1080p, 1296p, and 720p with different amounts of frame per second.

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3) Conbrov T36


  • High tech Ambarella A7 chipset
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent high sensitive sensors
  • Wide 180 recording angle
  • Big screen and durable buttons


  • No 1296p resolution
  • No 60 FPS record option

Conbrov T36 Amazon

Conbrov is a well renowned manufacturer, present in the market with a couple of nice and reliable models. They focus on manufacturing spy cams and home security, and they are one of the first to develop wireless car cams.

This T36 model has a nice classical design.

It comes in a package together with the suction cup mounting bracket, a car cigarette socket power cord, a mini USB cable, the instruction manual, and an installation disc with the necessary software.

Now, the software is of course best downloaded from the official Conbrov site right after purchase, so you get the latest updates.

The camera and all of the components are in black colour.

The buttons are sturdy and feel durable, which is not often the case with these devices.

Display screen’s size is 3.0 inches, making it again something rarely seen. The average size is 1.5 or 2 inches.

Options are simple and self-explanatory. You can choose your resolution and frame per sec ratio. The quality of the footage is great, by the way. You can make out details like license plates and street signs.

The camera records in loops, if you set it so, which divides the footage into loops of your desired length. After the memory is full, the system overwrites the oldest footage, provided it is not protected by other features, such as the G-sensor.

The camera is small and compact, and fits behind your rear view mirror nicely.

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4) Toguard Super HD 1296P


  • GPS Tracking
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Super High Resolution
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Small display screen

Toguard Super HD 1296P Amazon

The Toguard Super HD 1296p is certainly a camera easily remembered because of its strange cylindrical shape. The camera also has some outstanding features worth mentioning.

The package contains: the camera itself, the car cigarette socket power cord, a suction cup mounting bracket with a GPS port, a mini USB cable, user manual, cleaning cloth, CPL filter, and 3M stickers.

All of the contents are in black colour.

This cam mounts pretty easily; the only thing that may surprise you is that the lens is on the round side of the cylinder, not the top or bottom, so you position the lens to face your wind shield.

This camera may not look much, because it lacks maybe some flashy design, but its specs are telling a different story.

It has a high tech Ambarella A7LA50 processor and a super HD 2304x1296p XHD picture resolution.

It can take great photos and has pretty numerous tweaks and options.

This camera has a loop recording feature, which means it sections its recording into loops, the length of which you can predetermine, and after the memory is full, it starts to overwrite the files beginning with the oldest, with the exception of the locked loops by other system features.G-sensor detects impacts and protects the current recording from being overwritten.

Motion sensor detects motion near your car and makes a recording that is also locked from being overwritten.

Toguard Super HD 1296p also has advanced driving assistance system features, and performs impressively.

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  • Innovative accessibility and mounting
  • Easy to handle
  • Large 2.7 inch viewing screen
  • Super wide 170° recording angle
  • 8GB micro SD card included
  • Panic Button


  • No motion sensor
  • Only one resolution option
  • Questionable chipset

LYNEC DC15 Amazon

Lynec has a strong presence in the market. This model LYNEC DC15 has some nice stand out features.

First of all, it comes with an 8GB memory card, which is not seen often. You can of course, if you need it, get a card up to 32GB size. The package also contains the suction cup mounting bracket, a micro USB cable (short), a car cigarette socket power cord (long), a warranty card, SD card adapter, and the camera itself. All of the components are in black colour.

The camera has a classic design, meaning it looks like a standard photo camera, only maybe smaller in size. The front side is dominated by the large lens, and the back by a large 2.7 inch display screen. This size is not often seen and is a nice perk.

The lens is responsible for an impressive 170° view angle.

Now, the buttons are on the bottom side, but you do have indicators above each and everyone on the back side, giving you much easier accessibility. IF the indicators were not present, as with some other brands, you couldn’t really operate the camera that successfully without constantly peeking at the bottom side to learn the buttons.

The other buttons and ports are spread on all sides.

The mounting bracket is a bit more advanced than the average one. It has a swivel ball joint, allowing for great mobility and positioning possibilities for the camera.

As for the features, the standard loop recording and G-sensors are there, naturally.

The resolution and the photos are great quality, and the general performance is nice.

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That concludes our best dash cam under £100 round up, if you have any questions feel free to contact us via the contact page which can be found here.