Best Conbrov Dash Cam


Conbrov is a manufacturer from Melbourne, Australia. Their sole focus is security cameras, both for cars and homes. Over the years they’ve had some impressive models from all camera classes, but are mostly oriented in making products that put together a good functionality with affordable prices.

Best Conbrov Dash Cam

Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
Conbrov T90249 Grams9.0Check Prices
Conbrov DC6000358 Grams9.0Check Prices
Conbrov T36458 Grams8.5Check Prices
Conbrov T89299 Grams8.5Check Prices
Conbrov T50381 Grams8.0Check Prices

1) Conbrov T90


  • Full HD 1080P
  • Motion Detection
  • Big, 2.7″ Display
  • Large 170 degree viewing angle
  • Great design


  • None

Conbrov T90

The Conbrov T90 is really a beautifully designed and coloured dash cam. It has a very nice looking combination of black and brown, with some silver edges.

The rear side has very large 2.7’’ display screen, with all control buttons on the right side of the screen. This is good because it means you can operate the options with only one hand, which is desired if setting up something on the road.

The resolution capability is full HD 1080p, and its viewing angle is 170°, which is again well above average. In fact, it is probably the highest viewing angle on a dash cam. Low light performance is really good, and the camera also has some extra bonus features besides the standard G-sensor and loop recordings.

It also has motion detection, making it a highly desired dash cam at a budget price.

2) Conbrov DC6000


  • Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)
  • Full HD 1080P
  • Big, 2.7″ Display
  • Motion Detection
  • 170 Degree viewing angle


  • Very simple design

Conbrov DC6000

The DC6000 is one of those car dash cam’s that had its focus set on its design, which is still simplistic, but it does it in a manner where it has highly flat surfaces that almost feel like glass to the touch. So, it is a really nice gadget if you’re looking for that sort of thing, it’s very modern looking and will fit in with most other gadgets on the market.

The rear side has a very large 2.7’’ LCD display screen with sensor buttons on both sides. It is a really easy cam to operate.

When it comes to capabilities, the DC6000 is capable of 1080p resolution and the low light/night vision options are especially good. It has Red Starlight night vision, that is said to be World’s first super real darkness and low light performance feature.

It comes with other features like the G-sensor and loop recording, but it also adds some extra features such as motion detection and a parking monitor.

The addition of LDWS (lane departure warning system) and FCWS (forward collision warning system), together named the advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), makes this cam highly versatile and desired. It is very affordable for the amount of features you would only normally see on mid-range to high end dash cameras.

3) Conbrov T36


  • Full HD 1080P
  • Ambarella A7 Chipset
  • Large, 3″ Display


  • 130 Degree viewing angle

Conbrov T36

The features and its build are pretty decent on the T36, it delivers a well rounded range of capabilities all paired with high tech and a very decent options menu.

The cam is capable of 1080p resolution quality, supported by an Ambarella A7 processor. This processor is perhaps amongst the most commonly seen in cameras of all classes.

It has a GPS logger, and standard car dash cam features like G-sensor and loop recording.

The camera body is guilt out of high quality polymer that really has a nice feel and inspires confidence in its durability. The battery is 500 MAH lithium-Ion rechargeable, but the camera’s field of view is a bit steep, standing at 130° viewing angle capability. This is a bit below average, but probably enough to serve its purpose. The rear side of the cam holds a very large 3’’ display screen.

To round up its set of features nicely, the camera is also capable of motion detection.

4) Conbrov T89


  • Full HD 1080P
  • Big 2.7″ Display
  • Motion Detection
  • Great Design


  • 140 Degree viewing angle

Conbrov T89

Perhaps one of the nicest designed cameras from Conbrov, the T89 looks great, feels nice and durable, and brings a well rounded set of features to the table.

The cam is in black and silver colour combination, with some nice flat surfaces that really feel nice.

The rear side holds a large 2.7 inch TFT LCD display, with all the control buttons on its right side, requiring only one hand to operate. This makes for good accessibility while on the road.

It is capable of 1080p full HD resolution, but has 140° viewing angle, which is below average but serves its purpose decently.

The audio quality is respectable, and the cam also has motion detection.

Amongst the standard G-sensor and loop recording features, the T89 also has a manual lock button, or the collision emergency recording lock, as sometimes called.

Given its decent set of features and its outrageously low cost, this camera is highly desired by people looking to get a dash cam at a very low price that still delivers nicely.

5) Conbrov T50


  • Full HD 1080P
  • 170 degree viewing angle
  • Motion Detection
  • Ambarella A7 Chipset


  • Basic design
  • Build isn’t that great

Conbrov T50

The T50 is a definite budget dash cam. It is extremely affordable, but still brings some high quality capabilities.

For instance, the cam is capable of 1080p resolution quality, and also has a very clear night vision.

It is built upon a famous Ambarella A7 chip set that is definitely one of the leading quality processors. Many high end cameras operate on the same one.

Its most impressive feature however could be its 170° viewing angle. This is well above average, for all cameras. In fact, this is probably the highest car cameras can go. With 170 degree angle coverage, you camera captures everything t he driver sees, and most definitely both sides of the road for instance.

Its body is built out of high quality Li-polymer. It looks modest but feels durable enough. The cam is in black colour.

It has all the standard stuff like the G-sensor and loop recording features, and it can support up to a 64GB micro SD memory card.

The cam also has motion detection, which rounds up things quite well.


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