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  • A 1296p video resolution range is very rarely seen in this price range. This offers a completely new level of quality and possibilities, apart from the standard 1080p one.
  • The cam has a standard 150° wide viewing angle which is pretty standard and serves its purpose nicely.
  • We are also given a bonus perk – parking mode, which in all honesty is again something well above this price range.
  • The camera rounds up its perks with a high quality Ambarella A7 chipset, that is in all honesty probably worth much more than the price of this item alone.

Today we have a special treat. Apeman Super HD 1296p car dash cam is one of the top choices this year, and it is also a very cool camera. Stay a while and check out our review below.

Specifications that stand out:

  • Ambarella A7LA50 processor
  • OV4689 4M CMOS Sensor
  • 2K Ultra Full HD (2304 x 1296P)
  • Very sleek design and great accessibility
  • ADAS Detect (Advanced Driver Assist System)

Apeman Super HD 1296p ReviewThe small box contains the camera, mini USB cable, cigarette lighter power cable that also has a USB port next to the cable, so you can also charge your devices at the same time your camera is plugged in. Next there’s the wind shield mount, a mini CD ROM with the installation software, and we have a user manual. No memory card included though. There is a very cool memory card slot right beside the ON switch, and when you switch it on, you kind of lock the card in its slot. It’s very cool.

The card slot accepts up to a 32 GB micro SD card.

The control buttons are pretty standard. We are not particular fans, though. They are plastic, somewhat hard to press and have a kind of a toy like feel.

The 2.4 inch screen is scratch resistant and gives off a good picture. The options are arranged nicely, the menu kind of resembles PC BIOS options. There are standard options like file playback, where you can chose a specific saved loop recording to play, date and time setting, time stamp, etc…

The resolution setting lets you choose between:

  • 2560×1080 p30
  • 2304×1296 p30
  • 1920×1080 p30
  • HDR
  • 1280×720 p60.

The 1920×1080 p30 HDR is the default option.

Photo resolution lets you choose between: 13M (4800×2700), 9M (4000×2250), 4M (2688×1512). You can also set the image quality for your display on the screen.

The stand out feature is certainly the ADAS Detect, which stands for the Advanced Driver Assist System. It detects your lane movement and forward movement of other vehicles.
Other standard features include a G-sensor that detects impacts and sudden changes in the position of your car, so that it protects the current recording from being overwritten and saves it.
There is also a motion sensor that detects movements in close proximity of your car, even when the car is turned off. It starts recording as soon as there is a movement near, and it helps protect your car when you’re not there.

It has an emergency recorder for emergency events. The cam has an auto turn on/off feature, which means it will automatically turn on/off when you turn on/off your car.
The recording angle is 150° wide, but the camera’s design and the joint on the mount cup allows complete movement in all directions. It is very easy to set and point to a desired direction.
Loop recording is a pretty standard feature in these types of cameras. It means that it records and saves files in loops, the length of which you can set in the options. There is no time lost between the loops, and this feature means that when your memory is full, the system will automatically overwrite the oldest loop with the current recording. This, of course, doesn’t go for the loop files that are eventually saved and marked as protected in the event of any detected incidents. The sensors will protect these files automatically, as we’ve said before.

The night vision and low light vision is great. This cam really feels and gives an image that looks quite professional. Even at night time, you can clearly see the necessary details in the recording.

Even the small ones like the license plates of other cars, street signs.

Recap and conclusion:

The Apeman Super HD 1296p is a pretty cool car dash cam with some outstanding features. Its high end configuration and high quality display and settings are really what made it stand out and justified its reputation.

When you factor in the objectively low price it has, as opposed to the high quality it provides in almost all aspects, it really is the logical first choice. Or, at least, it should be in the top choices for those of you who are looking for a union of high quality and low price.

We highly recommend this product to everyone and we give it our official green light.

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