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  • The camera has a motion detection sensor which is in all honesty makes this camera appear more worthy than its price, alone.
  • It has a large 2.5’’ display screen, giving you a nice accessibility despite its compact, small design.
  • It uses the NT96220 A6 chipset, from which the model got its name. It helps make a crystal clear video in 1080p resolution quality.
  • The most impressive feature may be its 170° viewing angle. Most cameras in even higher price ranges generally have a smaller field of view.

Accfly NT96220 ReviewSecurity of your vehicle and safety on the road are long time bad issues for all drivers, and if you are looking for a way to protect your car, your rights and have everything necessary for your insurance, you may want to check one of these items. These cameras are growing more popular because of their utility and the low prices. Let’s check all the specifics, the pros and cons of this particular model, and give you our assessment.

The basics:

The package can be open or closed again, after opening, so it’s good for keeping some of the camera’s stuff stored. The manufacturers were so polite they even placed a thank you card inside for buying it.

Inside you’ll find the camera that looks really nice (a cool shade of blue), power cable for the cigarette socket, mini USB for connecting it to your CPU, and the mounting bracket for installing it in the desired position.

The way the mounting is configured is pretty nice, because it makes the camera very visible and easily accessible for you as the driver, and it also has very reliable buttons. There are some other models that we’ve reviewed, that had questionable button quality, and also low accessibility, once mounted behind or beside your rear view mirror.

Here, the mounting is easy and practical, and you can easily turn the cam each way you like. The power cable is long enough, so that you can hide it in any way you want, going all the way around your dashboard, or whatever.

The options are pretty straightforward and easy to understand and set.  They are pretty standard. Stuff like: date/time setting, video/photo mode/ audio on/off, resolution choice, and other features, as well as special.

The cam will turn on automatically, if you keep it plugged in, and start recording right away. The cam has a loop recording system, recording data in a loop and deleting the oldest footage once the memory is full. This, of course, doesn’t go for the footage protected by the camera sensor that protects the current recording at the time it detects an impact to the car, or movement in the close proximity.

The video quality is very nice, HD of course. Night vision is not as impressive as some other cameras we’ve seen, but it’s satisfactory. Audio is also great.

The specifics are pretty much the same as with most other cameras in its rank. There are very small differences, and they are mostly cost based, and maybe some details and options. For instance, this camera’s user friendly setup and use, and it’s screen and button accessibility, really puts it in the, I would say top ten cameras of that class.

Let’s recap the specifics:

  • Auto-loop system
  • One-button emergency video recording and locking
  • One-button picture taking
  • One-button audio recording
  • Energy saving
  • Highly sensitive G-sensor, that has 3 levels
  • Motion detection
  • 2.5’’ HD LCD screen
  • Ports: USB, Micro SD card slot
  • Options in various languages
  • 170° wide recording angle
  • Six G Lens
  • Photos are 5mp quality
  • Resolution: 1080p for 30 fps and 720p for 60fps
  • 32 GB maximum external memory
  • OS Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
  • MJPG video code and AVI video format (500 Mp)

Final Thoughts:

At first glance it is a great camera. It’s got all the usual stuff, and plus a much better setup and mounting capabilities, as we’ve said. But there is something missing, we feel. There ain’t a single special feature to make it stand out and justify its 20-30% more expensive price…nothing.

The extra money probably only goes on its durability and better mechanics (mounting joints, buttons, etc…), but we really feel it’s not worth that much more.

The Accfly NT96220 car dash camera is possibly for people who want to go further without changing it for something new and better. These are only our thoughts, but it’s probably more durable than its competitors.
However, the overall modest list of the features, make it an average cam in its class.

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